Episode 285: Parler has been shut down, former DHS says “buckle up,” DC confirms they were afraid of Trump Insurrection act, Impeachment breaking, and Trump addresses the nation; fake Trump on Twitter is funny, WA monument closed, video surveillance of “rioters,” and tons of footage from the Capital aftermath; bats from police, no fly list meltdown, public shaming, boasting, and arrests; Israeli report no violence, police suicide, slain police MAGA, Pope virtue signaling, Pelosi horrible acting; Biden vs NRA, Flippy Update, 33, 666, fake arm waccine, Elon wants Bitcoin, AI needs sleep, Pfizer rebrand, mRNA not a waccine, Dr. Drew rant, psychological pandemic, waccine black market. #Insurrection #Impeachment #BigTech

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  1. The guy talking about this not being a vaccine is correct. Pfizer and Moderna have produced an mRNA "vaccine". It's artificial RNA. It's technology. There is a huge risk with the mRNA "vaccine". If the artifical RNA transcribes the code from your DNA into a protein incorrectly you'll have problems. One of those problems could be mutated cells. Cancer. We could see people getting seriously ill years from now. There is no long term data. We need at least 10 years to prove long term safety and efficacy. Personally, I don't trust any of these manufacturers. However, if you want to make an informed decision now is not the time. There isn't enough data.

    There are conventional vaccines coming such as the one by AstraZeneca. Again, I wouldn't recommend any of these vaccines either. There's a risk with any vaccine and a coronavirus with a .2% mortality rate is not worth it to me to take any rushed vaccines. Even if you trust the science which is ever changing and will always be a gamble, the vaccine manufacturers have demonstrated shady behavior again and again. Not to mention vaccine court. If you are injured you cannot sue them. That should tell you something.

    Put your trust in Jesus, people. These bodies will die eventually whether it's disease, injury, or old age. Don't be afraid to live for Him. Remember what Jesus said, "Those who try to save their own lives will lose them and those that give up their lives for My sake will be saved."

  2. The two of you are so relaxed while your sharing this shitty information about totalitarianism. Why don’t you guys get more emotionally pissed off and why don’t you start organizing some shit. And actually start doing something rather than talk of the country falling apart in your desk chairs. Staring at a camera. We’ve heard enough. We see what’s happening in our country. Let’s make moves. Not videos anymore. Rise up.

  3. The parable of the wheat and tares: Tares are Genetically Altered Humans and the Wheat are those who are perfect/pure in their Generations (Genealogy), meaning their DNA has not been altered, as Noah was. Do not take the DNA-corrupting vaccine!

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