At age 23, with no teaching or head-coaching experience, Coach Bob Ladouceur launched the legendary Longest Winning Streak.



  1. Three city blocks away was my high school- Ygnacio Valley High. We couldnt beat them. Never even came close. Because God had their backs for 12 years… Awesome school, awesome God.

  2. My choir teacher showed us this movie and play it to show teamwork, I don’t like football but this movie made me love this team and everything about it I just love this movie in general

  3. filmed really cheesy, actors really cheesy. If you're going to film a FOOTBALL MOVIE, then at least follow the script of other successful football movies…. (friday night lights) wink wink…

  4. I really saw the meaning of football in this movie it's true and I hope that every time football players know that it's not about winning its about the friendship and work that went int it I hope that the buoys and girls u stand that


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