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Filmed at Fenix Studios in New York City:

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  1. 1. Bryann Trejo
    2. A-Ron
    3. Young Bro
    4. Antwoine Hill
    5. Triple Three
    6. Zee
    7. SOS Son of Savior
    8. KG Santiago
    9. Rey Sandoval
    10. The Rep
    11. 5ive
    12. Bizzle
    13. Asap Preach
    14. Sevin
    15. H.U.R.T

  2. 1. Ambassador (And the CM)
    2. Lecrae
    3. Eshon Burgundy
    4. NF
    5. Da Truth
    6. Dwayne Tryumf
    7. R Swift
    8. Angie Rose
    9. Viktory
    10. Trip Lee
    11: KB
    12. Andy Mineo
    13. Braille
    14. Bizzle
    15. Heesung Lee
    16. Willie Will
    17. Christon Grey
    18. Dee-1
    19. Flame
    20. Swoope

  3. Much better! Better framing from the camera guy and CLEARLY you are much more passionate about this topic so that translates to better on screen presence ( credit where credit is due)…… but…… is this the best product you can put out? (New Host please!) I'm not going to stop until Rapzilla does their best with this segment which is what CHH deserves. The editor and chief improving each segment is positive but not the best… someone is out there with more raw talent who's skill may need to be refined. Find them!

  4. ASAP Preach
    Bryan Trejo
    Lathan Warlick
    King Allico
    Antwoine Hill
    Shaii Linne
    Eshon Burgundy
    Beautiful Eulogy
    Triple Three
    Dillon Chase

    Honorable mentions= KJ52, Dee1, This’l, StefanOtto’s & Datin’s latest work together is 🔥, Ambassador, 5ive, Andy Mineo, Lecrae, Bizzle, KB, Derek Minor.
    (Bars for Bars or how hard their message talked to me)

  5. I listed 50 on IG. but my top 5: Flame, AI the Anomaly, Krum, Fern, Tyler Joseph (I’m including him since y’all have boosted Twenty One Pilots before even tho they’re not labeled Christian genre and he’s actually an excellent lyricist and a Christian). Edit: KB would be the alternate since Tyler Joseph isn’t chh.

  6. 1) Ambassador -culture maker, Christology
    2) Shai Linne -theological & artistic contribution
    3) KB -lyricism and unashamed representation
    4) Flame -consistency and adaptability
    5) Timothy Brindle -true lyrical theologian
    6) Jackie Hill Perry -lyricism, unique
    7) Da Truth -lyricism and adaptability
    8) J Monty -lyricism
    9) God's Servant -pastoral heart
    10) Ty Brasel -heart felt music

    *This list doesn't include the "rappers that happen to be Christian". Although I listen and support many of those guys, here I am differentiating between chh artist and generic hip-hop artist…

  7. Sevin,bizzle, Psalms,5ive,no malice,EC,adrion Butler,God nation,KB,Ray Emmanuel, Reconcile,Andy mineo, young noah oh and antwoin hill and A.i and wande.. could go on and on… Christian rap is just better.. secular rap bout the same

  8. I like Xay Hill, Todd Mccray, Drup, Parris Chairz, Joey Vantes, KB, Flame, Miles Minnick, Reconcile, S.O., Jay Broader, Shope, Andy Mineo, Lecrae, Kaleb Mitchell, Kendall Williams, Kid Tris, Michael Farrar, Jaooo, King Chai, Trip Lee

  9. Top 10s are hard in any genre but as of right now here is my top 10:

    1) P.I.D.
    2) Dynamic Twins
    3) Lecrae
    4) NF
    5) Mars Ill
    6) Freedom Of Soul
    7) D-Boy
    8) Andy Mineo
    9) LA Symphony
    10) D.O.C.

    Some honorable mentions for me would be:
    Derek Minor
    XL & DBD
    cross movement
    tobe nwige

    All of the people in this list have quite a few songs that I could listen to all day. Any list is somewhat subjective and subject to change tomorrow but those have been my go to rappers when I want to get into the groove.


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