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  1. VPN's are helpful to the extent the other POP (point of presence) is not tracking internet traffic. However, the design-in-depth NSA system which was consulted by Google and thousands of security documented and specialized network engineers and security professionals (black, grey, white hat professionals) really understand tunnels (aka: Virtual Private Networks) (also encapsulated and encrypted network traffic). So, while a VPN may help against the LEC (local exchange carrier) they may or may not do diddly against a concerted monitoring system. One should be aware of this. Really protected traffic may have 7 layers of tunnels along with hardened asometric cryptographic traffic – this is not usually found in and among the public; not by a long shot. Using tools (protocol analyzers, aka: packet sniffers) such as WireShark only begin to scratch the programmed automation inherent in this system; which, incidentally carries military traffic – typically over private lines, like major significant infrastructure (example: power plants of whatever sort and research facilities in the broadest context ).

  2. Richie your voice and your guts to be able to report what you believe in and your intelligence I think it scares them and they get jealous I'm sorry but that's a fact the ones that should be in charge or not and the ones that are in charge and have everything shouldn't it's like everything's upside down but you already know that

  3. Why r they blocking sun?

    Pole shift and weakening magnetosphere is leaving all our technology very vulnerable and the hundred years is “progress” could be wiped out with one solar event if not prepared for it … so it is not to protect us. It is to protect the military machine. They are scared of the sun and the Son . How great is that!

  4. Ritchie u made me aware of artif.sun have u taken pic of sun and seen zig zag pattern over it. that place in maryland with giant devil coming out of sand near dc . you can see that pattern over sun it s creepy.

  5. 5 August Monday. CHEMTRAILS -Williamsburg,Brooklyn: so much spraying everywhere on every sector of the skies..incredible. Skies turned super greasy white..yuck.😷 we are being slowly poison. 😠 frustrated. Damn it.


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