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  1. The Vatican/Jesuits are the JEWS Greatest Disguise! The RCC is labeled Christianity and THAT'S a DECEPTION TOO! They BOTH are their father's children so TELL THE TRUTH! So why can't the World Criticize ISRAEL???? It's a Really Big Club and satan if the Master of Confusion! Judaism/Catholicism and Islam ALL the "Synagog of satan! Know Thy Enemy. Why was Trump's first World Tour to Saudi Arabia, The Vatican the Israel???? Cause even HE KNOWS!

  2. It's pronounced not "jew-dins" it's "you-dins"…..its "osh-ken-azee" and not "Och-ken-azee"…….it's "fue-dil"……and it's "Halp-you-den"……………………please get your pronounciation straight. And it's good to rehearse. And it's "Say-lig-mon" for god's sake.

  3. Ignatius Loyala was a Moreno Jew from what was the former Iberian Peninsula. Ignatius Loyala was the one and only founder of the jesuits. The connections and links are lengthy and run Extremely deep.

  4. All HUMANITY would benefit greatly by viewing "The most important broadcast you will ever hear – William (Bill) Cooper". Within that ytube video the uploader provides a link to a book so important Cooper made it available to everyone as a pdf file. The extremely rare 1916 book is the "68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order" wherein it details the precise plans by Globalists to take over the world. Watch the video and review the pdf version of that book. No sane person can deny what it documents. Those you share it with will thank you for an eternity.

  5. amen. Church some is all about Cash. Tell the The Torah is necessary (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) no animal sacrifice needed as Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice. Leviticus 17 is a must know. The Gospel is a must know after (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and Acts) in the Bible. Hinduism and eastern religion are Idol worshippers the Church did not catch on to in sun worship. I am a sinner. Tell every church , synagogue and mosque .If political leaders followed the God of Abraham what a great world a utopia we would have. Love God Love neighbor.Bible 10 Command..

  6. Yeah it’s easy to see the relationship between Court Jews Hojuden's, including names like Rockefeller and Rothschild. They’re all Babylonian Kabbalists people are falling for Heligalin dialectic Of Rome Jesuits And Talmudic Jews cryptos Sabbiteans / Frankistst when it’s very clear Through history and even the Scriptures tell us who’s is who

  7. Tell me who today's Jews are
    if they do not belong to these groups :
    crypto jews, jews suits, zionist jews, semites, ashkenazi jew, jesuit ?
    Who lied about the holocaust ?
    Who received compensation after having survived the Holocaust ?
    Who lives in Israel today, and occupy Palestine ?
    Are all these jews innocent in crime against humanity ?
    Former Jews were brown or black,
    Today's Jews are White and Blue-eyed.
    How could that happen ?

  8. All lies lead to Rome. Great video. It cuts to the chase. 2000 years of Roman mind control. USA is now hopelessly and helplessly indentured since Woodrow Wilson. Grace of Gaia on all sentient beings. By the common womb of our mother earth we were given life liberty and happiness. It is not enough to be Protestant. The Bible is the Pope's book of spells.

  9. Who runs the world? God runs the world! Every little thing that happens come from God. Wake up. God brags in the Bible that he creates both good and evil. Pray to God. All the others are flunkies..even satan and evil people…Honor God! Even the crud of the world are carying out God's secret will. So worship God and choose righteousness and love and purity and holiness. Then God will favor you and give you a good job to do in his world and you will be the apple of his eye.

  10. Ignatius Loyola himself was a crypto-Jew of the Occult Kabbalah. A crypto-Jew is a Jew who converts to another religion and outwardly embraces the new religion, while secretly maintaining Jewish practices.

    All false religion comes from the Babylonian Talmud, Yes Catholicism is just a extension of the Babylonia Talmud. The pope go's to the wall just like the leaders. The pope is the high priest of the Babylonian Talmud. That is why he go's to the wall and he wears the beanie Yes it is the Jesuits, but they are just practicing the Babylonian Judaism. There is nothing new under the sun. Yes the Jesuits are in the middle of this, but you can't have tunnel vision when looking at Babylon. Rome is just extension of Babylon and where did it come from????? Babylon was here before Rome.

    Conclusion: The Jesuits(Jewsuits) are JUST secretly maintaining Jewish practices. Pssst the pope is a Jewish High priest. We don't have to be rocket scientist to figure this out.

    There are two camps: One that believes the Jews control and one that says that the Jesuits control. The Answer: The Jew, Mason and Jesuit are both implementing a New World Order. They are both practicing Babylonia Talmud and the Kabbala.

    If you want to hide a tree, hide it in the forest.
    If you want to hide the Kabbalah, plant it in Catholicism.
    If you want to hide "Jesuit Ignatius Loyola Spiritual Exercises"(Kabbalah) plant it in Roman Catholicism


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