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  1. @richiefromBoston
    I cant access the chat, but I wanted to bring up something I've had of interest for a few years. When were talking about aliens, the annunaki, angels/demons, etc. Its very rare that I stumble upon a subject of interest: Blood type, the unknown origin of the O group, and the positive/negative rh factor (rhesus monkey gene)
    There's also a weird connection with the royal family. This stuff is RARELY spoken about and when it is, its beyond vague.

    I'm O- and have tried learning as much as I can, its said we were genetically modified by an unknown origin. please tell me what you think somehow.

  2. I remember when I was 13 years old and when I was getting sick my grandma wouldn’t want to give me medicine. She would rather make me a tea and reluctantly only because I would beg her for an aspirin. She would break a baby aspirin in half and give it to me. Makes me think that she had her own speculations about medication!

  3. The man has the cromazone that controls the growth, so when you have an angel and woman breed children there's nothing to stop the growth of the children. So if those children live up to 500 years old which some did that would be quite a giant.

  4. You would think Hyper intelligent beings would think better of the decision to go after human women..Boy were they Stupid! And just like the rest of us men, They get Deceived and Screwed over by the woman in the end of course.

  5. Hey man, you ever noticed the Assholes in charge really Suck at lying,I mean Moron level fibs we hear every day and they think they can fool us? ….well, i mean the people who are actually awake and like myself Hate this materialistic world ruled by Lucifer.Unfortunately the majority of people these days and especially this generation are selfish greedy materialistic fools and they are most likely the ones who will be thrown into the pit first. I'm not claiming to be innocent ,But i fully believe with All my Heart and spirit that Yahshua came in human form from the Father creator and died so that we could live! So i am not worried about the end, In fact i seriously Hope that it comes soon because quite simply put, This world the way it is now with Satan in charge is pure and Utter Dogshit! The whole reversal thing is actually happening as well, Do you remember when Guys were the perverts and the pigs? Well now The women are, Women these days are promiscuous and quite honestly they want to be men, ? And they act like the jackasses we used to be.They sleep with just about anyone and with the Internet there is no actual dating going on All they do is message each-other then sleep with each-other and most likely never see each-other ever again. ? And this generation are mostly Disgusting perverted tainted Behaviour of Prostitutes. The days of Noah are here and the wrath of God is soon to come ,And ALL the demonic fools will go down to the pit. Anywayz..@ …lol are you having a stroke dude? Ancient GoOods~~~ lol

  6. If I can not see anything in a dark room full of stuff it does not mean room is empty because i canot see anything.same concept is work for scientific term "Anti matter", and same for light body species.

  7. In my religion , there are two types of concious species other than humans are described but there dimension is light medium we live in dense medium .These both species can shape shift to any human/animal/bugs etc face whatsoever he /she died centuries ago.
    These two species name
    "Jins ; made of smokeless fire"
    "Angels; made of light"

  8. My brother is almost 7" tall, my other brother and dad & uncles are all 6'5 or taller. My sister is almost 6' tall…that's insane!! I always wondered why I am only just over 5'4 and the rest of my family who I don't talk to in abt 10-15yrs because they thought dirty things about me and not a single one is a Christian but believe in nothing Christian and are wiccan/pagan/atheists…I'm the only true Christian – so i wont have family with them but jesus christ says i am to concern myself with Christians only and refuse those who won't budge. Every thing makes sense but unless u are aware too, i couldn't explain all this to anyone else because I sound quite insane or people just shake off what i say and disregard me. Its ok.

  9. Actually Lucifer was in charge of the music in heaven, i actually learned that yesterday and that's why music is so much from Lucifer. I can't believe I learned that yesterday and i hear this today! But yahweh was in charge of the orchestra in heaven before he became rebellious
    Chuck Missler put a video out that is about 1.5hrs long talking about the end and things that have been proven in the bible- prophecy- and omgosh, its insane that all of this is coming to pass in my time, even tho most ppl don't believe that all of this is supernatural and not biblical…ppl aren't waking up they see this but they don't feel like its because of Yahweh and Satan, they just think its maybe nwo however I have noticed that most ppl have no idea what is going on unless Facebook goes down and i live in capital district Albany NY but i haven't seen a ton of ppl wake up but they think they are awake because they heard the term therfore they are awake…but the angels brought all we know to us, we aren't supposed to wear makeup or jewelry and not dance n music is both from the devil, making urself done up is to entice men and I've began to not wear makeup, i don't wear jewelry, i don't celebrate holidays i still listen to music but that's so hard, i still watch a movie here ans there but honestly its because I grew up not watching and im interested in finding ut thibgs that are coming or whatever because thats what I have noticed they show us, but omg i spent tge past year learning about all these angels who brought us this and that and why we shouldn't do this and that and I'm trying more and more each day to be more obedient .richie watch 2028 end times part 1 thru 10 about the end and how the date proves jesus is coming in 2028 per the bible, at least watch part 7-10

  10. newest truth is that the African Americans are the real Hebrews!! It’s all in the Bible as well, everything makes so much sense now… all the shit they go through and have gone throughout HiStory.

  11. Not quite true. God knows who you are talking to, no matter pronunciation. If you want to go into details, then you should call Him Immanuel. That was His name at birth. Besides, Jesus´s oldest name is Dionisus. That´s ancient Thracian – not pseudo Greek. Further, if I remember well. God does not say that women should cover their hair. Though, they should do that in Church.

  12. Eric Silverstein fertility specialist license number1801891924 sold 4 of my embryos out to the highest bidder. Now I have two biological sons I never knew I had. Now our sorry excuse for a justice system here went out of there way to protect this doctor. The occult is huge and owns our government

  13. The reason they are hiding giants is because they are mentioned in the Bible. Anything mentioned in the Bible they do whatever they can to suppress that history. They want us to believe their atheistic made up history so we lose our relationship with God, our home Earth, and think we aren't special and all creation was made just for us. The universe does revolve around us cause we are the creation all was made for. God put us here for a special reason. It is up to each man and woman to find out our purpose through a relationship with Jesus Christ. If they control our history and they can make us believe the lies of our history and our home, then they have us off our true path that the Most High made us for. Thank the Lord we are waking up to the Masonic, fallen angel worshiping agenda of the lost elite who run our world. Thank you RFB for being on the front lines for God against these fallen ones and their "alien, E.T., hybrid" offspring, and their leader Lucifer aka. Satan.


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