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  1. Wow, I have to say that what you guys said towards the beginning of this livestream about how they’ve been ready for 5 years and planned for civil war but it didn’t happen because people are too comatose’d and apathetic lit a light bulb in my mind. I have wondered for so long now how all we heard was it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming but hasn’t happened yet. People certainly hate each other enough for civil war, there’s no doubt about that. People are certainly wicked enough with hearts completely hardened. And EVERYONE CERTAINLY has an opinion that they LOVE to voice every chance they get. Here’s the catch though…. 98% of people will only voice those opinions behind the comfort of their screens where they don’t have to have any actual physical contact with others. Everyone’s a bully on the web, but a complete coward in person. Very few are brave enough and convicted enough to put themselves out there in the presence of other people. People care too much about “fitting in”, “keeping up with the new trends/opinions”, and above all else, addicted to obsessing about themselves and putting themselves on the web for the world to “like” and notice. I completely agree with Brandon when he said he’d rather suffer and die today then have to live here for another 100 years. I hate to be so negative, but it’s gotten to the point where I can’t have a conversation with anyone in my life where I don’t think to myself at some point while talking to them that they are completely asleep and given over to the grand delusion. They believe everything they hear on the news and headlines. No one questions anything other than US who are the only ones telling them any truth! It is truly the most bizarre situation one could imagine being a part of. People ARE zombies, they just don’t realize that’s what they’ve become. People think we are so smart and have so much more knowledge and understanding then those who lived hundreds of years ago. Simply because we have technology, electricity, and are able to hear “news” live instead of having to wait a week or two until it is printed in newspapers does not mean we obtain more truth today then people did back then! In fact it honestly means that we have WAY more chance of being told lies because we take in “news” all day long every time we turn on the tv or radio or get online. And people are doing one of those things pretty much all day sadly. But no one ever considers that they may be absorbing lies every waking hour, they think they are keeping up with the headlines. Sorry for the rant, sometimes I just gotta get it out!

  2. Very interesting, and troubling, and sad but true information here.
    I've never stopped to think for a second, that no matter how good of a president we've ever had, we've still only lost our rights a little at a time, never given another in place of the ones taken..

  3. London its rained torrentially for several nights ,a curtain of cloud?came across a clear sky a couple of nights ago and nobody saw is just the devine act of procreation vulgarized and commercialised with all the distress and confusion that brings to youngsters.fuckin babylon.

  4. You guys only talk about gay men. Is gay women mentally retarded ? So if I sick my wife in the bum am I going to hell? You will find out that we are all Gods children no matter what. No matter what we do in the bedroom. He gave us free minds. God accepts all and I have to say retarded is not a medical terminology. Not even a little bit.

  5. I spotted them chemtrailing over Camden Arkansas the other day. Side by side. One plane sprayed white stuff and one sprayed out a red like substance. I assume the red was lithium. Just my opinion

  6. No one can take your free will. You are relinquishing it.
    When you educate yourselves on every topic, you step, confidently into your power. You turn the tables. YOU intimidate THEM.

  7. I go to town board meetings and stand up and state facts in a way each audience will get.
    If you are not gathering information from each channel and putting it all into your own statement for fruitage then you are not being affective for God.

  8. I agree with where yt is going. i noticed today they are suggesting movies to watch for free if you will accept ads. i'm hungry for knowledge and truth and they are pushing movies of today where everyone's an actor. Just garbage and programming.

  9. 800yrs they've been Terrorising us But We Still Are To Strong of A people In Ireland, but saint Patrick needs to come back and Drive The Snakes Out of Ireland AGAIN!

  10. "The Democratic Party is Like a Depressed 15 YearOld Determined On Self-Harm🎯The Republicans Are Like There Useless Obese Best Friend"
    S Patrick Maxwell…

  11. Please please some1 do a Video On The Owner Of That AMERICAN Company"HULU" He's Taking Out 1000's of Pattens on Screen/KeyBoards/Colors to Brain Manipulation &NOW He Owns A Company That's Gonna be Bigger Than Netflix idk his name his nickname is Hulu I think it's Emmanuel Something??? Idk how to create Content & Make A Channel You Guy's Are Great &Probably Already Know But I Just Thought I'd Say It Because it Sounds Worrying Enough My Uncles Have Cleared all There Houses Of As much TV'S, phones , Certain Radios Etc & there not 2 AlexJones Nuts These are 2 Soldiers in the British Navy 50 Yrs between them , Thanks Guys

  12. clash of the civilizations moving people around by way of govt housing, "fairness" bills, herding people across borders, stirring the pot very creatively by pitting groups against each other and even creating new groups to pit and of course you add tech to the mix and the way they can use that…

  13. In regards to the hell c… If you pay attention to the commercials which clearly states… " Born between 1955 to 1965" as those who need to get tested… Now the same commercials state from 1945-1965… Things that make me say… Hmm something is funny with the easter bunny…!!!

  14. just got rid of twitter and can't figure how to get rid of FB and am looking into alternates to gmail and already follow the ones I like that moved to bitchute, about to quit YT any time now

  15. I wouldn't take Allen Watt to Seriously !!!
    For someone who thinks he knows Everything , he failed to grasp the Greatest Knowledge any person can Learn , and that is we have a Creator.
    He doesn't believe in God , and he thinks we live on a Spinning Ball that is Millions of Years Old
    So he is quite stupid in Reality.
    Someone tell him Fossils can form in less than 100 years , in some cases much less.
    The Common Denominator among stupid people is they Don't study the Scriptures and Don't believe in Our Loving Heavenly Father.
    I would of thought where you are going to spend the next million years would of been of grave concern , but obviously not.
    Most people leave it until your on your Death Bed to suddenly question if Heaven & Hell are real lol

  16. I totally agree that there is a serious problem with the trans agenda & the perpetual grooming of our children through the LGBT community but I have also known several gay people over my 55 years, what I would call true flamers and they ALL said that they knew something was up from a very young age (4 or 5) and were never attracted to the opposite sex. What would be the influence for these people? The ages of these folks ranges from boomers to people of current age in their 30's.

  17. Do you think that Musks Starlink Satellites are connected to his Neurolink project ?
    Because he tells us he deployed them over 400 km high yet they were seen all over the World below the Clouds , the Very highest clouds are around 12 miles high.
    He plans putting thousands of them up in the Sky , my first thought was the Film 1984 and those Orbs spying on us.
    Here are those Satellites below the clouds seen over Holland

  18. I think the demoralization has been successful. Once the "theys" started separating people like Crayolas, morals went out the window. All people want to be special and recognized and unique – look at all of the borderlines out there. Narcissism runs rampant, no one cares about others, it is all a me me me society and if your Crayola isn't the selected choice, you're nothing. Go to a hospital and see the 'professional' nurses at work, or not working.


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