Who were the Nicolaitans mentioned in the book of Revelation? Who are the Nicolaitans today? How do you recognize Nicolaitanism in today’s church? Today Rick Renner will help you with this challenging question. To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE.

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  1. I am studying the book of Revelation and I want to understand the sins of the Nicolaitans, so that I don't fall into that sin and can recognize who and what it is. There was a definite reason Jesus pointed these people out and I will learn of the matter.

  2. Nicolaitinism is seen by the word itself. Nico means power and laity means the ordinary people , as distinct from professional or expert. Another meaning is lay people, as distinct from the clergy. The bible does not teach a over or under group. We are under the Lord . We have only one father and one teacher. We are all brothers. No one should present himself higher. Of course when you look around this is not the structure of 95% of Christian gatherings. Paul said every servant's reward is Jesus not power. Do you see any man or woman saying my word is equal to the word of God? He is self absorbed with his position. Can you have a gathering of Christians now without a power leader? No.

  3. Rick is one of the greatest teachers of the word of God and im not just saying that ive been reading his teachings for a few years and love it. If you want a clear understanding of Gods word then you need to get Ricks books.

  4. Dear Rick Renner,
    I have just come upon your you tube channel which I must say is extremely insightful and very well put together.
    I was actually looking into the word Nicolaitans when I found your version. Wikipedia notes "A common view holds that the Nicolaitans held the antinomian heresy of 1 Corinthians 6, although this has not been proved. One scholar who espouses this interpretation, John Henry Blunt, maintains that the comparison between the Nicolaitans and Balaam "proves that the fornication spoken of is not that crime under ordinary circumstances, but fornication connected with religious rites".
    Your video got me thinking that Paul's teachings on immorality are related to Nicolaitanism and not everyday life.
    Questions I have are:-
    1. Do you agree with the statement?
    2. If so, what would define "ordinary circumstances"?
    3. If this was in fact a religious ritual of sorts, how then do you in your point 1 link it to the life style choices "in the biblical view"? Jesus never spoke on "life style" choices to the best of my knowledge. The verse closest to it is Matthew 19:4-6 which is him referencing committed marriage when challenged.
    I promise I am not stirring, but rather am genuinely interested and looking for a Proverbs 27:17 moment.
    God Bless.

  5. The church I was attending for years eventually went the way of this doctrine. It is sad that so many previously good churches have gone the way of Nicolaitanism. Thank you for explaining this and helping us to understand the great importance of rejecting that doctrine and remaining separated unto God.

  6. I am surprised that I’m surprised at anyone who would give such a clear biblical teaching a thumbs down .smh
    I enjoy ricks teaching and I have his 2 books on this they are phenomenal you can lose the concept of time while reading in them fantastic like a field trip.

  7. The vision of adding as defined in the revelation of jesus by his angel for a book named by john. The prophecy in 3 processions represented by the gifts that were from wise kingdoms and three men followed to first birth on Israel not in the eye opening before servants as Israel.

  8. My family member is called to plant a church and so much of the Nicolaitan's stewardship is mirror imaging their spiritual authority. I submitted to their authority, and it completely suppressed my destiny. This teaching has helped me have a clear approach to uprooting the problem of my brother. I ask for your prayers for my cousin and myself. Thank you brother.

  9. My uncle which is a pastor in El Salvador told me that nowadays most churches (in America) teach the love of Christ, but not sanctity. When he said that to me I realized how true that is. Most churches in Central America remind of Philadelphia, the poor but wealthy church.

  10. FINALLY! Someone who has it right!! Amen. Nicolaitans today are also those who CONTROL a big group, and also teaches today that the pagan ways they follow (bowing to statues, worshiping and praising them, etc) like the RCC does today, are also part of the Nicolaitan ways that can be found today. Great job keep teaching THE TRUTH boldly, wield your sword….

  11. This explains how easy it is to compromise the Word. This teaching pierced me and challenged all that I've may have allowed to creep into my thinking. Thank you Bro Rick for keeping us on track


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