The United States is seeing its highest “quit rate” since the government started keeping track two decades ago. Bill Whitaker speaks with employers who are scrambling to find help and people who left their jobs and aren’t looking back.

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  1. Why don’t you guys talk about how people are many times forced to work for very little because they need to survive? Why don’t companies show heart and treat their employees the way they would want to be treated?

  2. Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life,

  3. People are doing YouTube and TikTok channels and they are converting their vans to living space and reducing their bills. Everyone’s just sick of being treated so poorly by employers. Do you blame them?

  4. CNN is backing NYC landlords and government. The more people in the office the property taxes the city collects and the more predatory landlords make. Why doesn't Smerconish do a hit piece on landlords? He won't. They are his donor class. Put an orange wig on Smerconish and he would be Trump. Is this Fox News? 50 years ago employers broke their contract with laborers. NYC is a no fault state and people can be fired without reason. Employers don't have to be loyal but Smerconish demands that workers be loyal, your rent be damned.

  5. Yes the boomers have had reported to retire in droves, every time there is a downturn in the economy ,,like the housing crisis and now. It is a great time to replace higher labor costs with lower labor cost. When I see titles of videos or articles like this : Code for Corporations for more higher paid people with benefits to be pushed out and replaced with cheaper paid ones,,,the great American job cycle to help the companies cut costs esp during inflationary times,,,,,
    This kind of crap also leads to less good paying jjobs and good managed companies ,,that bleed out any worker efficiency, that most of the management is oblivious to anyway.

  6. I went through 20 jobs in a three year period. Not because I was a horrible employee. On the contrary, I am moldable, open minded, hard working, smart and can take constructive criticism. But if you treat me poorly, if you don't give me my vacation or are flexible with my time. Regardless if I went through my paid vacation. If you can't see me as a human, I'm out. Thankfully I have found a really great place that I love and I feel appreciated. I thank the God's for this job. Its everything I wanted so far. Now I just need them to pay for my college tuition. Don't give up on finding a job that fits you and your lifestyle. Better jobs are out there.

  7. offering crumbs for pay to their parents for decades.. the young decided to stop being slaves,, just stop investing in the usa,, ie,, they decided having babies was not a good way to get ahead if there is nothing in the future for them.. the media/hollywood/corporate CEO' s made themselves rich slapping the slaves. they sold everything and moved to tiny homes with cash and no debt.

  8. It's very clear to me that the company I work for doesn't give one crap if I can afford to live while I help them make upwards of 20 million a year. I'm overworked underpaid and they won't even hire an assistant to help me. Sick of these people they're demons. And I'm not in a service industry btw. I work as an assistant project manager but I'm doing a project coordinators job for a commercial construction company. Completely burnt out.

  9. So do all of these people compete for the Good jobs? How do they live? Before Covid there were so many fake jobs on Indeed and LinkedIn and now there's less jobs posted and guess what? They're still the same fake jobs. I know damn well Pepsi is not hiring so why advertise jobs? CVS has had the same ad for part time up on their sign at the store for over 3 years. I was called in for a 2nd interview and the manager didn't realize he had interviewed me before. I told him that and hung up. Something's off here and I can't place my finger on it.

  10. Disney fired me because I refused to pay for equipment for their company, refused to work free overtime, refused to drive back into toxic office. And the managers were rude while trying to get everything out of me.

  11. I retired this year at age 62 from nursing. My last job was at VA. I could pop off names of guys who sit at home doing jack squat because they're, "Disabled". They get fatter, get chronic disease processes going, and, yeah, now they're less able to do something. Could they do SOMETHING? Yes, they could, but they get paid to sit on their butts! I am retired, but not retired- I restore antique furniture and am turning an old church building into a house. I guess you could say I'm now a manufacturer.


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