Harvard scientists think that the first interstellar object detected in our solar system, called “Oumuamua,” could be an alien spacecraft. The scientists sought to explain a quirk in Oumuamua’s behavior, which led them to an unusual conclusion. No one knows what Oumuamua is or where it came from, and it’s too late to find out for sure.


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Why Harvard Scientists Think This Object Is An Alien Spacecraft



  1. This video is more fun and games than science. Oumuamua was re-designated as an asteroid by the International Astronomical Union: October 25, 2017. So, interstellar yes; mysterious, yes; odd, yes; fun to speculate, yes; alien spacecraft? no

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  3. It’s very safe to make even the most outlandish speculations about this object. Because there’s no possibility of confirmation one way or another. Safe science.

  4. Its a aliens probe. They are collecting information, it probably downloaded our internet. They are coming to colonize earth and to turn us into slaves maybe even eat us for food.


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