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  1. Obviously if you were supporting true biblical Israel your country would not be falling. However if you were supporting the Christ labelled synagogue of satan then this fall would be the result, I mean ask yourselves has America been blessed since 1948

  2. Going down because too much are oppose to trump.2020 of trump service Is must be finish if not we are in the early great birthpain. America we are always pray for you..but how about you did you pray for your own??? I'm thanking trump for being polite in Russia this really means God is working.

  3. Amen Levi show Mercy and love our enemy and pray for them I am having a hard time with this one person who hates me but I am praying for them. it does hurt badly when people hate us but we are to pray for them and give them MERCY

  4. I can tell you what God is having me doing he is getting me out of my house, like I been going to visit my family too, and this weekend I am going camping with my son and his wife and my grandkids, and there is no internet from Thursday to Sunday so I will take my BIBLE and my cell phone to take pictures. but my time will be spent with Jesus and I pray my witness and walk will be the Holy Spirit and Jesus in me to be a witness to my son and his wife and my grandkids. the word of God in us is the witness and how we walk with JESUS and your right pray for the people God puts in our path

  5. Levi God put me with my husband when i was 18 he was 23. I was not born again until I was 33, and My husband was 45 when he surrendered his heart to Jesus. we had some very hard times in our Marriage when after 9 years of Marriage he cheated on me with this girl he worked with, he said he did not love me anymore but loved her, well I moved to North Caroline and after a few months this girl went back to her husband and my husband asked me to come back, well it was very hard for me to trust him again, until my husband got saved at the age of 45 that is when Jesus spoke to me that he has forgiven my husband so i needed to forgive him and I did and I felt so much love for my husband cause we were one in Jesus. Marriage is hard but if God is in your Marriage he will keep you together. but make sure God put you together cause if God put you together no man can come between you

  6. drugs come from sin we all have fallen into sin and it took us repenting of sin and turning to Jesus, and if we sin we confess that Sin to Jesus and turn from it to Jesus.there will be so many excuse for sin, like I use to blame my mom who beat me for being rebellious but it was sin I needed to repent of, there is no excuse for what we do but sin that we need to turn away from, like you teach Levi we cut that sin out of our life and turn to Jesus. like Jesus said to the woman caught in aldulty so and sin no more

  7. yes I see it is getting like the days of Noah evil will wax worse and worse in the last days,2Ti_3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. it is so sad what happens to the young people because of drugs, my daughter died at the age of 33 the day I went to get her out of jail, she spend 40 days in jail and told me a preacher came in and preached about King David and she knew God had her in jail to save her life, I took her to her apartment that night to get some things and she told me she will be some to my house the next morning, well this guy name JT shot her up with herion to get the $650 all the money she had on her. he murdered her God told me he did. I know she is with Jesus but this drug dealer is in jail I am praying for him to repent of his sins of taken her life.

  8. Yes this ministry has helped me a lot in ways I don’t want to say because it’s to personal but thank you for that wane. I feel like I’ve been set free from my personal problem and a lot of other things to. So thanks again for everything over the years of listening to you and till now. I will keep listening to you to and watching you because I just love you’re channel.

  9. keep rolling strong in jesus name brother and ONE OF THEES DAYS by FFH song "one of thees days i'll see the hands that took the nails for me" thats the song im gonna be singing when im blindfolded in a fema camp ready to die

  10. Peace and mercy upon you friends. This is of course an issue of lack of knowledge. Remember, the sorcerers, magicians, diviners, astrologers will never recognize biblical sound doctrine as an requirement for living healthy and happy. Which is the reason it's only going to get worse but we as children of light aren't confused with what's happening


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