Why are the US and Russia starting a New Cold War over the Arctic region? We need to look closer at what is really fueling this move by the two World Supper Powers.




  1. Just because the earth is an enclosed system doesn't mean there aren't asteroids comets and meteors. There are windows in the firmament. There are 3 things prophecied to be come from the heavens. Wormwood ALL of the stars and the new Jerusalem.

  2. You should spend a little time on the Thunderbolts YouTube site. Also watch the suspicious observers site and their cataclysm series.

    The science is there and the answers are simple if you just look in the right direction.

    Everything is energy, it’s electric and magnetic. Not random gravity.

  3. Flat earth, round earth, or hollow earth doesn’t really matter. We need to focus on what really matters and what Steve has covered matters. Along with others like Lisa, hangman and hangman, and many others.

  4. Thank you so much Bro Steve for being so kind and respectful to those who believe flat earth. It is not a salvation issue, however it has led many out of atheism into believing in our Savior, Jesus Christ. I think whatever you believe about the shape of the earth, isn't anything possible because God created it and only he knows EVERYTHING! So to me, when it come to where we live, any of these ideas or perceptions that are being revealed could be possible. We just need to pray for discernment and open our eyes and ears!

  5. Steve you probably wont have time to answer this, but i would really like to here your thoughts on the people who are saying apostle paul isnt a real apostle and liar who contradicts the bible etc.

  6. It has been prophesied currently that the Lord will be using Planet X in the last days to destroy Babylon and its affects would affect surrounding countries. I am a Flat Earth believer but the Lord has placed Planet X here for this very time. The Book of Enoch explains the sun, moon and seasons as well as the portals of how it all works and how Planet X could be here. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    If the Lord is getting ready to remove his Church and the weather is to be extreme, would it not be the Lord doing that, in return affecting the poles?! The Bible tells us everything that is coming and everything that would happen. The elite know the truth and the FE model.

  7. Please never underestimate the huge caldera under Yellowstone Park, the whole park rises by 10cm every year! this is an event that WILL happen 100%! we just don't know "exactly when", at that time we will have the San Andreas fault also move and wipe out the west coast of the USA, on the other hand a big shift in the San Andreas fault could force Yellowstone to erupt, it can work either way due to so much tension in the earth's crust at this time, even a huge solar flare in our direction could trigger things, we live on a fragile planet, a mega volcano will throw billions of tons of volcanic microash into the air blocking sunlight for days or weeks or months around the globe… a mini ice age could start…. gravitational forces from a passing planet may easily trigger this caldera explosion…. North America will then mostly become uninhabitable….. mass migration northward and southward! ……. we may experience a polar shift at that time, then a sea path over the north pole will be open, people from Canada and the USA will have to flee, why not flee to Russia? (it's so underpopulated and beautiful ! it will be warmer than it is now) Prophecy speaks about natural disasters, Wormwood colliding with earth, this could also trigger many geological events, mountains flattening, new mountains rising, all these could explain prophecy of one third of all living things killed and one third of all waters poisoned as scripture warns, all things we Followers of Yeshua are expecting…. we have been warned….. we need to be mentally and spiritually prepared! Bless you for keeping this channel going! you and your family are held high in our prayers! Please Keep up the extraordinary work it means so much to so many of us! Amen.

  8. In my opinion, & only my opinion. No thinking Christian believe this earth spins, flies through "space" (lol), flies around the sun as it flies through space, or believes the "planets" (lol) do either. We "sit fixed, & do not move". Because if we did, the "stars" (lol) would NEVER look the same twice. Just a little food for thought. We either believe what it says, or we do not. The word circle (as best i understand it) as used to describe earth in the bible, means something more like plate, or disc. Not sphere, like a baseball. Though i feel most put too much emphasis on things that have nothing to do with salvation. Taking precious time from our savior Jesus Christ. Time is short precious folks. Spend it wisely. Love, forgive, & consider one another's spiritual needs. Thank you Sir for your fine program. Generally, i think you do Christianity a great service. If Father be willing, y'all have a great day, & be safe.

  9. In the 1950’s Canada also had a problem with the US trade the annex our north

    Thanks to China and Russia Canada was able to maintain control of its Arctic

  10. When ancient and modern civilizations worshiped the Sun. Their was and still are reasons to why…. Sun has repeating cycles and the 12,068 cycle is coming around again. 2046…Enjoy the build up..

  11. ℹ️Oil IS THE REASON for the Russian US interests ❗
    ℹ️ Niberu IS A DISTRACTION – forget it❗
    ℹ️Flat Earth IS A DISTRACTION – forget it. It also has nothing to do with the Bible❗


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