Think about the long game, what if hillary “loses” and Trump is “selected” to win, Quid pro Quo, they gain from the massive rioting and looting that will no doubt follow.
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  1. Heard your theory about Martial law and Obama going no where. Wrong, and so with all respect, I will take this to decide now correct you are now the continued doomsday predictions.

  2. The Clinton's are protecting them self. The( 13) Elite are protecting themselves if Donald Trump an outsider takes the rap it's OK, HE HAS ISSUES ALL READY he is a racist a woman hater and every thing else they blame him with .😈 AND THE SHADOW 😈😈GOVERNMENT😈 CAN STILL MAKE HIM DO WHAT THEY WANTED.
    REMEMBER when he won he said we will not attack Syria look at what he has done.
    So I am so sorry 🙏 for the people future DOESN'T look to bright. 😢
    But let's give Donald Trump a chance never mind at least you're alive my best wishes to all the world 🌍 AND GOD BLESS AND GOOD LUCK WITH THE FUTURE 🍀

  3. allowed? that tells me that they wanted hilary to wiin and used every trick in the book to get her there and lost anyway, so they need some excuse soooo lets just say he was allowed to wwin. lol nice try, but not buying tyhis crap.

  4. i still do not see any possible way he will get in office and now jill stien is trying to launch recounts in 3 swing states whats up with that more election fraud this time they are supposed to be more concise looking into the election but they act like trump stole this thing when all the votes were flipping to the hildabeast and now im hearing paul god damn ryan is already the president but i still believe obama will be amerikas last pres though i don't look at him as a pres i wish trump would have gone full boar on barry butt lighting from heaven did they talk him into saying lighting from heaven is legit? hes a i like what duterte said but i say son of a test tube….

  5. pisses me off that your business suffered dute to your youtube highjinks. what a wonderful world we have now. where your opinions cause others to lash out like that. it happens to everybody that chooses to inform the sheeple. they cannot handle it and only know to resist or fight against the truth.

    i know if i tried to inform family and friends i would become an outcast pretty easily. i tried years ago and suffered a bit but time heals wounds sometimes. now i just smile and agree. obviously not the best option if we all do that. choose your battles i guess.

    wish you a great 2017 everybody but we know what looks to be in store…….

  6. You are so right- it just dawned on me that they selected Trump to throw off everyone. this is causing anarchy and feeding right into the NWO coming into play.

    The anti-Christ will soon be revealed and even the very elect will be deceived

  7. Get a grip, Richie, get a grip! Who is in control? A Loving God who laughs the vanity of men! His ways are not the ways of men. Who has known the mind of the Ancient of Days? Read Job, baby, read Job! He has plans for us, not for evil but for glory! More will be revealed, the Spirit is greater than the flesh!

  8. This is a feeding frenzy for the Archons. Look at all the emotions people are releasing. Negative energy is what they are attracted to. CERN is parting the veil and they will be arriving in droves again. Some have already arrived. They are harnessing all this energy for themselves. Choose to stand in truth, light and love! They hate that. All is not lost.

  9. Richie, it's possible they don't have a choice, to much has not worked in their favor in running their psyop, that, she won't be able to steal it. However, if because Trump wins by a landslide their choice maybe to activate all the terrorist groups they have created like BLM, etc., their groups have No problem being violent. Either way if that does happen, THEY STILL WIN. WE THE PEOPLE still have a chance of turning our country around and GOD WINS!! This is a right in our face spiritual WARFARE at this time in our History! (I have no doubts about that!) So for the 1st time at this very time we are witness to a time where it's Good verses Evil, just about anything can happen. Arm up in the full body Armor of God, for we're apt to witness a completely different outcome. Much of the world /God children are praying for us. They understand what happens with us they follow. There truly is more good people in the world than evil. Heck look at the wars and how they're started and all the false flags, 911 etc., JUST LOOK NO FURTHER THAN WHO OR WHY IT STARTED OR THE AGENDA BEHIND IT / LAWS THAT FOLLOWED. We all know we're at a turning point at this time in history, my faith is in God. WE WIN……

  10. Two things came to mind for her reasons to cancel the fireworks when I saw this: 1) Fireworks can cause seizures. 2) You wouldn't be able to hear a gun shot.

  11. Richie, during last evening's livestream my internet connection was cut off, strange program came up twice demanding me to sign in… etc, etc. by the time I was able to reconnect 1/3 rd of your program was done. Thankyou for posting theses videos. (I'm not afraid to do dillegence and research what I missed.) Shalom!

  12. From reading the comments it appears most of the people that follow this YT Channel appear to be pessimistic fatalists with no sense of hope for anything. All they seem to be able to do is bitch about how everything is controlled, that we really have no choice in anything, it must be really pathetic and sad to live like that. With that kind of attitude its a wonder they all just don't commit suicide.


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