In this video, Ronnie and Mel are going to break down WHY YOU NEED BOUNDARIES in your relationships & give you some advice you need as a Christian before you start dating. Whether you are single or already dating, whether you are a woman or a man, as a follower of Jesus, you need to establish boundaries in your life to guard your heart and to keep you from sin and temptation with the opposite sex.

So if you want to stay pure, to honor God in your relationships, and guard your heart from getting broken as you live in sexual purity, come join us a we see what the Bible says about boundaries in our relationships. You don’t want to miss this Christian dating advice.

Also don’t forget to watch for Part 2 of this video to actually found out what boundaries you need!

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For Single Women: “Passion & Purity” by Elizabeth Elliot
For Men: “Disciplines of a Godly Man” by R. Kent Hughes
For Dating: “The Right One” by Jimmy Evans & Frank Martin
For Marriage: “Sacred Marriage” by Gary Thomas

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  1. Thanks for watching guys! So.. do you have boundaries in your life/relationships?? Or were you inspired to make some from this video? Let us know, down below! And don't forget to watch PART 2 to find out WHAT boundaries you need! Bless you guys!

  2. Christianity is not like other religions and certainly is not about rules and regulations! All Jesus wants from us is to get to eternal life and live our lives the best way possible!

  3. The feeling that you get from kissing leads to your emotional connection and activates your heart and feeling rather than your rationality therefore you lose control and do what you shouldn't have done!

  4. Though honoring God should be the primary goal of setting boundaries, it has the additional affect of protecting you from narcissistically abusive relationships. That is one lesson I highly recommend learning from others' mistakes (such as myself), rather than your own. If you prefer learning things by trial and error, do safer things like teaching yourself to operate heavy machinery (this is sarcasm to make a point, please don't actually do this).

  5. Nobody loves me! When my Dad took me fishing as a kid I always had to swim back home . My mom made me roller skate to school everyday without skates! Ouch! My sister is so fat she just lays around the House . I mean literally around the perimeter . She crushed all the shrubbery! When we went to Sea World last year people threw fish at her!

  6. I needed to hear this ❤I just left a relationship and to tell the truth there was fornication which left me with guilt😔I disered to please God but we ended up living together which made it easier to be overcomed by temptation 🤦‍♂️Now I want to seek God more and the next time I decide to date for marriege I must set strong boundaries based on the word of God😊God bless you and thank you guys🙏❤🙏

  7. 8.25 minutes of God inspired truth! As a dad of 2 teen girls I've been searching and praying for a truly god honoring resource. You guys are it! May God bless you guys in your ministry!

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