On December 6, Facebook was sued for its role in facilitating the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

The Facebook Papers revealed how the company chased profits – often at the expense of safety.
So can we trust Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse won’t become a tool for misinformation and surveillance?

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  1. I wish there was an emoji button, for this when satan and his allies dwelling upon the entire western population and they create their on dramas like one demon accusing another, it is so hilarious

  2. For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil

    This is the beginning of all that we have reached today. A lot of pain and suffering. The first lie will cause even more pain if this metaverse takes form.

  3. The Metaverse will distance people from one another and bring great depression which will not only harm the individual but the family also. This is a very dangerous technology. Other ideas like Transhumanism AI technology and DNA tampering will all come together and destroy us all. It sounds crazy but just think about it. Things are accelerating around us to fast.

  4. I’m tired of Mark & Facebook & Meta whatever it’s called now. I don’t think this will be around too long. Theirs something evil about him.

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  6. Zuckerberg is a good example why employees joined unions back in the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's. Companies that are not liable for your well being will always cut your vacations, expect you to work 60 hours/week, hold you back from seeing your childrens life events, all in so called loyalty to the company. Your health and mental status means little to these kinds of companies as long as you can wake up and put in your 60 hours. Unions are the only way out of it to get back some reasonable normalcy in life. I worked an Industrial Engineer for 45 years of my career with corporate efficiency programs. Working hours are like a vaccuum. You will expand your time and presence, but you will not accomplish any more. The company could force you to work 100 hours, but it would not help you accomplish much more that a 40 hour week. The mind and body shut down and takes extra brakes, or day dream to releave your bodily, and mental stress. There has been research and studies of this, but each new generation of corporate leaders need to be taught the science. Because they are only fooling themselves if 60 – 100 hours in a week means more actual production. It doesn't! The human body and brain are not geared to such performance. I have seen the Zuckerberg, and Leon types in actual working environments. They loaf alot to absorb the time they say they are working. They BS alot too. They have plenty of hoe-hum conversations to absorb some of the time. They would be better off resting and do a serious 40 hour work week. They convince themselves some how that working employees 60 – 100 hours a week produces a 60 – 100 hours a week performance. That is a lot of BS. Those employees would accomplish a lot more being rested physically and mentally and being with their families on a 40 hour work week. The research from the studies 50 – 75 years ago prove it all out, if they care to even look it up. Look up Western Electric Studies to start with. Then Maslows Hiearchy of Needs.

  7. Mark Z is not a person that had even a nominal knowledge about living a normal life, and sadly now having the power to decide and shape the society is the worst coincidence in the History of mankind. In society all kinds of people need introverts, extroverts and nerds. But only if everyone's voice is heard. If either of them is able to suppress the other and worse, control the public, this is inevitable

  8. Facebook isn't primarily a 'social media' company and it's dna isn't to connect people. Facebooks first, last and always priority is to generate revenue. Facebook, like every other crooked corporation on the planet, is in the business of creating wealth…… for itself. That ambition supercedes EVERYTHING.

    And now that Facebook has the wealth, what are they doing with it? Absolutely nothing towards creating freedom, happiness or harmony amongst its communities.

    Facebooks evolution towards the metaverse is motivated purely by the potential wealth they can harvest by capturing users in their meta-exclusive eco system and slowly bleeding them for every penny they have.

    This is what drives all corporations and why capitalism in this context, is cancer to the consumer.

    Zuckerbot will monitise EVERYTHING and you'll pay if you want to be a part of a global VR community.

    The scariest scenario ever will be meta or CrApple monopolising VR


  9. Pft, his Meta concept is a total fail. He can sell devices but the average number of times a person uses an Oculus after purchase is (Wait for it) ONCE. I also tried it and it's garbage made for ages 8-15 which is why it will fail as soon as someone comes out with a device even remotely close to FB's Oculus. I sent it back and got a refund and I am a technocrat beyond all belief as well as a typical early adopter for decades. As for their info on me, they have none, it is all fake and always will be. For the love of your children keep them OFF Meta/Oculus VR chat. I can not stress this enough nor its dangers to your children. Don't take my word please do some searches here in the search box above.

  10. Its an error becauae they use false advertisement ask for our professional information and lack support distracting honorable mention people to mope on a forum for their wealth to go up thats absurd

  11. facebook should be sue for taking people money to fix there facebook account when they got lock out or did not set up for code generator. They do not know how to help people out with there account only they want is money the tec support team they will take your money without asking you if is ok. They do not have to do that only they have to do is ask you for the cell number and send it to your cell phone number the code generator to get back on the facebook. I try to get my facebook back for a month now and still nothing no help with there support. They try to take out money off of me. But luckly for me it did not went threw. They are no good to help you. People take them to court if you did not got your money back

  12. Why they do ? Cus money and the system we have is not made for our safty or welbeing its made for the few with self pulled power

    Self bought power and yall sheep just buy it an bleeeeheheht instead of thinking yall just follow

    Eventually yall end dead

  13. What I've noticed is that for most successful billionaires the main quality they have is that they have no qualms, and do not hesitate, to exploit as many people as they can to reach their own goals. "Be afraid. Be very afraid."


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