Dallas Cowboys trade rumors are back and they are as wild as ever. Bleacher Report has pitched two different Cowboys trade ideas: trading for Steelers WR Diontae Johnson and trading away RB Ezekiel Elliott. Do either make sense for the Cowboys before the 2022 season? Cowboys Report host Tom Downey breaks down these Cowboys trade rumors on today’s show!

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Diontae Johnson to the Cowboys trade idea from Bleacher Report:
Cowboys Receive: Diontae Johnson (WR)
Steelers Receive: 2023 second-round pick

Answer these questions from Today’s Cowboys YouTube video:
– What do you think Jerry Jones should do with Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott? Type ‘K’ for Keep and Type ‘T’ for Trade
– Is this Zeke’s last year on the Cowboys Roster? Type ‘Y’ for Yes and Type ‘N’ for No
– Would you do the Diontae Johnson trade? Type ‘T’ for Trade and Type ‘P’ for Pass
– Name a WR you want to add via trade or free agency!

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Zeke’s career stats:
2021: 237 CAR, 4.2 AVG
2020: 244 CAR, 4.0 AVG
2019: 301 CAR, 4.5 AVG
2018: 304 CAR, 4.7 AVG
2017: 242 CAR, 4.1 AVG
2016: 322 CAR, 5.1 AVG

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Ezekiel Elliott’s remaining contract with the Cowboys:
2022: $18.22 MM Cap Hit
2023: $16.72 MM Cap Hit
2024: $14.32 MM Cap Hit
2025: $17.12 MM Cap Hit
2026: $16.60 MM Cap Hit

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Diontae Johnson’s stats:
Career: 254 REC, 2,764 YDS, 20 TD
2021: 107 REC, 1,161 YDS, 8 TD
2020: 88 REC, 923 YDS, 7 TD
2018: 59 REC, 680 YDS, 5 TD

Zeke’s contract if he’s traded, which is a big reason why no one wants to trade for him:
2022 Cap Hit: $12.4 MM
2023 Cap Hit: $10.9 MM
2024 Cap Hit: $10.0 MM
2025 Cap Hit: $15.4 MM
2026 Cap Hit: $16.6 MM

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NFL Contracts – highest RB Cap hits in 2022:
Ezekiel Elliott: $18.22 MM
Derrick Henry: $15.00 MM
Dalvin Cook: $11.88 MM
Joe Mixon: $11.42 MM
Christian McCaffrey: $8.79 MM

Top 5 Highest Paid RBs in the NFL (based on per year average):
Christian McCaffrey: $16.02 MM
Ezekiel Elliott: $15.00 MM
Alvin Kamara: $15.00 MM
Dalvin Cook: $12.60 MM
Derrick Henry: $12.50 MM

The highest-paid WRs in the NFL, which Diontae Johnson would want to join:
– Tyreek Hill: $30.00 MM/YR
– Davante Adams: $28.00 MM/YR
– DeAndre Hopkins: $27.25 MM/YR
– Cooper Kupp: $26.70 MM/YR
– A.J. Brown: $25.00 MM/YR
– Stefon Diggs: $24.00 MM/YR
– Terry McLaurin: $23.33 MM/YR
– D.J. Moore: $20.63 MM/YR

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  1. Diontae Johnson is slower footed than all Cowboys' starting receivers save his ex-teammate James Washington so he would fit in nicely. You got high school teams with receivers who are fleeter footed that the Cowboys' current NFL receiver corp.

  2. Yes. I definitely agree with that assessment because he has not been the same guy he was since 2016 and also 2017 so to me he is damaged goods needs to get traded for a upcoming draft pick .

  3. The only way a team would trade for Elliott, is if he accepts a sizable salary reduction. Cowboys will not ever agree to pay a portion of his salary (ala Browns-Mayfield trade), and still trade him. Smart thing is to keep, a now healthy Elliott, and get the offensive line in order, better less predictable play calling. Elliott and Pollard will be successful, provided no injuries. If he fails to excel, then they will release him in 2023, and gain sizable salary cap relief. Cowboys will then extend Pollard, and draft an every down lead runner.

  4. You constantly harped on "Pay Zeke!" and "Pay Dak!" and neither of them has contributed in a way that comes close to matching what they cost the team. The "Pay Zeke!" and "Pay Dak!" chorus was wrong, and the Cowboys are paying for that mistake. That chorus is why I'm not longer even subscribed to this channel. If the Cowboys had stood firm on making Elliot play out his original contract and had stood firm on making Prescott accept a salary that is commensurate with his talent, they would have been able to keep Cooper. In that case, they wouldn't be looking for a wide receiver at all.

    Elliot has shown that he's not a team player. He showed that when he held out. The Cowboys will need to let him walk next year. If they can get anything for him in a trade this year, they should accept that trade.

  5. I'd say where we're at I wouldn't say trade for a pricy receiver(money and/or draft capital). Let's see how Lamb steps up as a #1. You got Gallup coming back, hopefully it seems, sooner than we anticipated. Got Washington for cheap. Let's see if he can recapture form from a few seasons ago. He showed flashes not having to bear the pressure of being the primary target. Hampered in Pitt by an anemic offense and a shell of his former self in Big Ben. Dak also seems to be the kind of guy who can quickly develop chemistry with almost everyone he plays with if they have even a shred of ability. Plus he spreads the ball around. We're not asking JW to do a whole lot other than be dependable and make some plays and move the chain. If we get more out of him than that, then it's just a bonus considering the friendly contract. He does also have the ability to be a threat downfield. So a fresh start in Dallas could be what he needs to get back on a positive track. We spent a 3rd round pick on Tolbert, who has talent and we're expecting some instant contribution. Seems like he makes some plays in practice and has upside with potential to surprise. The guys we have in this offense aren't really divas. Everyone seems to play their part because the shared goal is to win. There's others on the squad fighting for a roster spot and have the potential to make the cut and carry some contributing depth value. But we're still at a question mark at the receiving Corp with what we really have. So if any moves are made I'd lean towards Emmanuel Sanders or Julio. Both would add(from a skill standpoint) dependency and a veteran presence. Both would be team friendly contracts. As with Washington, i feel Dak would build pretty quick chemistry with either one. They both fall into "non diva" category. Both have the ability to make big plays and move the chains. Injuries are the x-factor for both. But given how our offense operates(not forcing the ball to any particular player but making the right read)and spreading the ball around, that could help mitigate the chance of injury by not asking more of them than they can realistically give at this point in their careers. And if healthy, with our firepower we can flex on offense(and if we stay creative and smart with the play calling, and disciplined in our execution) you have to respect their presence on the field. The goal is to win now. It only takes one year. Let's see if we can maximize the value of the talent available. Then after the season reassess where we're at going forward. Hopefully cap f*** Boi opens up that wallet a little bit more like his father did back in the day. It wasn't Jerry's spending that got is really in trouble, more so just his over involvement and adding too many unnecessary distractions. The league and the game are changing and in a new Era. The teams doing the best are the ones taking the most big chances. The caps only going up and we have money to spend. You can manipulate that and the structure of deals. After this season we can get off of Zeke's deal and add a bit more money. You can't let bring burned by the Claiborne deal like 10 years ago control how you do business forever. There is a happy medium to be had between Stephen's conservative approach and Jerry's risk taking and spending. After all, what made the Cowboys what they are and brought a dynasty of rings was the risks that Jerry took. If we don't move forward with the direction the league is trending we're gonna get left behind and miss our window of opportunity. And a team like Philly is poising themselves to move ahead of us if we don't change. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Hopefully we start playing the game the same way all the other contenders are.


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