1. My only child, my daughter took it two times and I have warned her and her dad. I stay strong in faith. All things are possible to God ! May God gives us strength, courage, faith and grace to endure until the end. In Jesus Name, Amen !

  2. I'm am really afraid for my family members that have gotten these shots. My daughter is in prison and she was forced into taking it so that she could go to the class she needed to get out. She has went to the hospital several times with chest pains swelling all over her body but mainly her legs. They keep sending her back with really no answers putting her on water pills. I'm praying hard for her and I hope she gets out soon and I get to see her and hug her

  3. It was a good day today woke up to the news that Governor Greg Abbott had banned vaccine mandates in Texas I also saw a billboard in Houston that said don't be bullied and it had a picture of the vaccine shot I love it


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