Soon People Will Line Up Like Lemmings to Get Their Brains Hacked [Truthstreamedia]:

“iBoy”: More Transhumanism Propaganda [Beast System Programming] –



  1. From 12:05 to the end of the video, these ideas make so much sense and that kinda scares the crap outta me even though I know God will take care of me. There is a video that's only on Nicholson1968s site (in the "not on YouTube" folder lol) that is a simulation of what uploading our minds into the beast computer system and it's probably the most intense couple minutes I've spent watching videos online.

  2. My only questions are how do we have idolatry with everything other than Jesus? Correct me if im wrong but is it not written in the bible that we can only serve one master? Why is Jesus an exception?

  3. Romans 12:2  KJV  –   And BE NOT CONFORMED to THIS world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, WILL OF GOD.

    Romans 12:2  NIV – DO NOT CONFORM ANY LONGER to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is —- His good, pleasing and perfect will.  

    Keep up the great work !  You are working for God and bringing people to Christ.  Thank you

  4. Your Aethereal video REALLY summed it all up for me. I got off meds then woke up with God telling me to go find his truth. I love these videos as I definitely agree. Luckily, I do have people around who have been awake to some things. So many theories are out there but I'm listening to all of them since they are tools of the devil. Maybe when he states "gift of tounges" the gift to discern them and be able to know which route the devil is trying to lead you on so you already KNOW the line of lies coming. Thanks!

  5. As I watched this video, I though to myself that I would NEVER be one of those who would be fooled into upgrading my body with technology. Then, I started thinking about all the metal dental crowns in my mouth, and the reconstructive breast implants I put in 13 years ago. I had no second thought about doing these things at the time. It seemed normal and necessary to me. Is that what will happen with future human "upgrades"? Will we be so desensitized by the commonality of it all that we won't give it a second thought? Save us, Father! Lead us not into temptation. Deliver us from evil!

  6. The HOLY BIBLE say at the end time people will seek death but they will not find it . So it is going to be a liveing hell .

    It is enough we should stop buying there new technology lets all stop being a consumer and slave of the new things before we became fully dependent on them if they don't have consumer they will stop .

  7. For those that don't understand how TV's capably program the viewer, it happens through positive and negative feedback loops. But I hypothesize that it also may happen with only one vein of feedback looping, maybe followed by a none at all and prescribing the viewer with duality, new age conceptions. Or it could just always be on, and the master portion of resolution integrity is made to manipulate the viewer, such as when moving images are edited with technology at a much larger resolution in order to "Photoshop edit". Maybe I'm completely wrong but I hold firm to what I'm saying.

  8. I have heard that God has implanted in our soul/spirit in everyone of his children, the knowledge of good and evil.
    So basically, no one will have the excuse, saying that "they didn't know right from wrong" It's in our DNA.
    We have been given the knowledge, but I think we also have been given the gift of freewill. I have also heard that God could have made robots of us all, to be programmed to love him. But he did not want to have robot children, but children in his image. I have heard that God gave us a spirit/soul so that we can make our own individual decisions to follow his laws and his ways of love and righteousness. If we open our eyes and really look around, we will see what God has created for us.
    I am so very happy to hear videos that encourage us, to step back and look at our world, and search for the "Truth".
    We have been deceived and lied to for a long time, but God told us in his Word, that in the end of this age, " —— "All Will Be Revealed"!
    We all can change our ways, and ask for forgiveness for individual sins and abominations. God is very merciful and full of Love, and will accept our pleas for forgiveness. We are all sinners!, So, please don't think you are not worthy to be forgiven. This is why he sent his Son, Jesus Christ to earth, to die for our sins and wash them away, simply by believing in the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
    Thank you for your video, and hopefully many more will "turn from the darkness, and head toward the light of Truth and Love"

  9. Thank you! This is extremely inspiring. I know your fear in not knowing "the moment" we need to "step off", as you say. We want something definitive. I don't know either. Should I move to a safer place due to possible flooding – 10 miles from a large city? Does it matter?

  10. if God is our programmer we are suppose to run our program the correct way. His way. We all know program's get viruses, that is what evil is. It is up to you/us to rid the world of the virus, or simply never let the virus effect you, so you can live your eternal live free.

  11. I find it amusing that all these enlightened people are opposing the redemption from the present fallen consciouness of humanity to the fully restored original Adamic  state of reality. That is what a fundamentalist dualistic religion will get you… upside-down, one dimensional way of thinking. You estimate The Eternal Singular Creator to be so weak because you invented additional gods(Lucifer and Yeshu). The very thing you think saves you is holding you as a slave to your fallen nature. Idolatry is acknowledging more than One power – a mind contaminated with dualism cannot receive Truth.                  city of luz dot com

  12. I just had an add pop up that you can download, that tells you based on text and behaviors what type of mood or tone the person is texting you??? Seriously, they analyze the text from previous conversations with that person. So we really need that?????? Your video is spot on.

  13. Wow did I ever need to hear you speak of what it's like for the first six months to a year of "waking up" to these truths! And "unplugging"… And "What do I do with this information?" It's really hard trying to enlighten others. It all just sounds too crazy to be true!Thank you!

  14. Oh, I guess I was about 9 & I remember so clearly my Parents taught each of us kids that it as so important to make a decision early in our lives what kind of person we wanted to be like & who we serve – God or The World [which they suggested was Satan's World & People] – Because it will be sooo easy to be deceived- they don't call Satan a 'Beguiled Slithering Snake' for nothing…

  15. I was with you until the whole Jesus thing. Religion is, and always has been for thousands of years, a part of the perception deception. You're still in the box. "Jesus is coming back". Someone's gonna fall for the big Project Blue Beam event then…

  16. +the Truth is stranger than fiction… Start with getting rid of your cellphone. My brother and I got rid of ours 7 months ago we have never been more free. If we need to, we use email to communicate with family, friends, and work. I no longer have any technology on me when I walk around, I think this is a good first step to take.

  17. WHEN DO WE, unplug?

    We DO NOT unplug. We stay plugged in up until we die, whether at the hands of system, naturally or Jesus and his army of angels appear in the sky.

    Worry, be alert, discerning of trans humanism, of the mark….but never be worried about taking the mark by accident, or by way of trickery….IS NOT POSSIBLE for those in Christ, its not.

    Stay online, stay out in open. Do not waste time, and mental stability trying to "hide" or erase footsteps….it will NOT HELP.

    Those who believe because they run three VPN's, proxies, encrypt all mail, data….are being naive. Quite frankly, wasting time. In addition, you are missing the the truth in the 2nd coming. Just like you will not be able to avoid this event, as is the same in the events leading up to it, no matter how far you travel into the natural forest, or the digital one.

    Instead, stay in, "be in" the world, (cause you are not of the world) work on building up courage, unwavering faith in Jesus. Be the greatest investment for things to come, without debate.


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