How many people suffered from adverse effects from the COVID-19 vaccine without being recognized that it was from the injection? 

Safe and effective, that is what governments, and other politically involved people have been claiming about messenger RNA and AstraZeneca vaccines.

Yet, many people have suffered from myocarditis, Bell’s palsy syndrome, Guillain-Barré syndrome, blood clots, several cases of observed stroke and so on.

However, few people in the medical community have been willing to establish links with this new massive and coercive vaccination that we have experienced in the last year.

This is the case of Carole Avoine, and on April 22, 2021, this mother decided to take the AstraZeneca vaccine because her mother was vulnerable to COVID-19. 

Twenty days later, Mrs. Avoine developed stage 6 Bell’s palsy.

Not only was the link between the vaccination denied, but they told her that there was a high chance that it would stay for life. Mrs. Avoine expressed concerns about the second dose, and her doctor reportedly told her that one dose of a different vaccine like Pfizer and Moderna would be fine.

Carole, finally, decided not to proceed with the second injection due to a lack of safety and argument. However, after several months, Mrs. Avoine was re-evaluated and diagnosed with stage 3 paralysis of the face, for life.

Due to facial spasms, she will need botox injections several times a year and only if her face tolerates it. Carole Avoine, a mother and public sector worker, must now juggle with this facial paralysis that limits her life.

Watch the full report to hear her story. 

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