Tina Hines suffered cardiac arrest that left her unconscious for over 28 minutes. While her body fought for survival, Tina shares her visit to heaven and who she met!

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  2. Sometimes when i loose my enthusiasm in christ. I come back to all these videos and it comes back.
    God loves me and He loves you guys.
    His kind of love I have never seen it before despite me been a sinner. God thank you

  3. Let’s see. Paul got a glimpse of heaven for REAL!!! And guess what he was torn between staying here on earth to witness to as many people as he can or go to heaven to be with the Lord, and he never boasted about it. These people do nothing but boast about their “trip “
    And all they can think about and do is tell people about how “they” went to heaven and back. It’s a lie!!! I’m not saying it’s impossible, but this is not what Jesus wants if they did. They would do what Paul did, shut up with the boasting and just witness to people about Jesus. It’s about him. Not your so called fictional trip to heaven. This is how you know it’s not real. It doesn’t not correspond to scripture. And everything in scripture is still relevant to todays times.

  4. She didn't see The real Lord Jesus she saw what she believed and what most white people believe The Lord Jesus looks like, a white man with long hair. Colossians 2:18

  5. How I wish the Lord Jesus Christ would appear to me. It would erase all my problems and convince me that He loves me. Sometimes I think I'm not one of those He loves.

    I envy Tina very much. I'm crying now, begging the Lord to come. I don't envy those with money and power, I envy those who have actually seen the Lord Jesus Christ. I really envy them very much. I wish the Lord would come to see me.

  6. I think I met him in my dreams last night something wicked wouldn't leave me alone and when I seen him he was dressed in white and dark skinned I asked can I have a hug and was doing alot of crying.

  7. Life after death exists as a global phenomenon, but my life ends when the entropy of the system of atoms forming my body is subject to a drastic rise.

    Life is an emergent property of complex systems and goes away if the opposite process to emergence takes place (collapse of complexity).

    Of course, some information of my existence will survive for some time in a similar way as paleontological traces of past life are still visible.

    Hopefully it will be possible in the future to clone our minds, but it is rather a kind of science fiction as this cloning will be never perfect due to possible quantum processes in our minds, impossible to reproduce.

    There is also another possibility that if the concept of an eternally inflating multiverse is correct, sooner or later an exact copy of myself will randomly be created from scratch and will be realised in some future bubble universe with its own big bang and subsequent evolution somewhere else in the eternally inflating multiverse.

    In conclusion, life after (my) death most probably does not exist, but why to worry about it? Let’s try to be happy in the actual life!

  8. I once spoke to Jesus. It wasn't a near death experience, I don't know really what it would be considered. In 1986 I was 5 years old and I was severely burned with 3rd degree burns over a third of my body (mainly just my face and neck). I was airlifted to Stockton from Modesto and a couple weeks later I was transported to Galveston Texas to the Shriners burn hospital for children. After months of skin grafts and rehabilitation my mother and I were on our way back to California. We had a layover in Dallas and in those early days I was quite the sight. I had a mesh mask over my head and bandages all over. My burned skin still visible behind it all. It seemed like everyone was staring, pointing and snickering at me and about my mother, "the horrible woman who could allow this to happen to her baby" at least that's what she heard in her mind. My mother looked down at me through the tears welling up in her eyes and when she saw the look of sorrow on my face she lost it. She began to scream in all directions, "what the f@#$ are you staring at?", amongst other things that I didn't really hear. I didn't hear them because I heard a voice in my right ear. It was a man and in my mind I could see him and myself sitting in the wheel chair with him bending down next to me, smiling. I said "JESUS!" in my mind and he said "yes Danny" he said "look at your mother what do you see?" "Pain" I said. He asked if I wanted to help her and heal her pain. I excitedly bobbed my head in acknowledgement and be with his hand on my shoulder said "ok. Grab her hand and say exactly what I say to her.". "Ok!" I exclaimed. His words were, "it's ok mommy, they don't know what they are doing." As soon as I said those words I felt a feeling of joy and love that is indescribable flow through me to my mother. She immediately collapsed down on top of me hugging and kissing me. "My sweet little boy. You're so smart and kind." She smiled for the first time in months and wiped her tears. She began to push me to the gate and we were on our way home. For the rest of the trip whenever people would stare we would smile at them if we noticed but to be honest I don't really remember anyone staring too much after that. I'm sure they were but it didn't bother us at all. My mother wasn't even there when I was burned but she got to see all the horrible aftermath and endure the blame and shame of strangers for it. My mother has probably repeated this story thousands of times, always missing the most important part. Each time she would emphasize how smart, kind and brave I was not knowing what until this very day I have never told anyone before. They were his words not mine.

  9. In 1973 I was pronounced "DEAD On ARRIVAL" at a medical center… More than half an hour passed, then my heart started beating again… During that time, I "LIFE The Real Self", entered the WHITE LIGHT, and have remained in the WHITE LIGHT to this day… I have NOT left the WHITE LIGHT, nor returned, as others have reported to have ! Those who claim to have returned, have NOT recognize WHAT, The WHITE LIGHT really is… When you recognize WHAT the LIGHT actually is, and accept it, you remain in The LIGHT as I have !

  10. Jesus, as the son of god, never existed, as God, as a "person", does not exist.

    God is nothing more than a level of energy in every single person alive today.

    "It" cannot have a son.

    "Jesus" was just a local "prophet" created by a Roman emperor to create a distraction for Roman enemies.

    Read your history people for "gods sake" and tell me I am wrong….

    I "really" do look forward to your replies……

  11. Jesus, as the son of god, never existed, as God, as a "person", does not exist.

    God is nothing more than a level of energy in every single person alive today.
    "It" cannot have a son.

    "Jesus" was just a local "prophet" created by a Roman emperor to create a distraction for Roman enemies.
    Read your history people for "gods sake" and tell me I am wrong….

    I "really" do look forward to your replies……

  12. I can also say without a doubt. Jesus is real. Dose works in my life daily.
    Please read proverbs 3:5-6 and take it seriously. Seek the Lord for all understanding and correction. He is the word. Therefore he will not lead you to darkness for he is light not darkness.
    Please repent daily.

  13. for all of you that think that the dead come back to us-read luke 16-30 and 31. if people will not believe god, then why should we believe all of these people that say that they died ,went to heaven and came back? it seems like since youtube came out that there are a lot of people saying this. i have heard some say that jesus showed them things in the bible, but awhile later they backslid and went back to natural things again. why would god show them spiritual things ,and knowing that they would leave him for the world again? think on these things and trust in jesus.

  14. The problem with these Stories is; They are about the human species, and NOT about "LIFE The Real Self" ! WHY ??? Because they have NOT recognized, nor Understood, WHAT "The LIGHT" actually is ! They believe, that the LIGHT is anything other than "LIFE The Real Self", thus rejecting the "SELF-AWARENESS"; "The LIVING ONE", which is Non-Dimensional, and in NO WAY represents, nor even remotely looks anything like any species, including the human species !


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