I have been wrestling with the Lord for about a year over making this video and putting this information out there. He has been patient with me but I was not feeling His presence like I was used to. I had all kinds of reasons but He wasn’t really buying it. I now have restored relationship…:) I know this information will not be well received, but it is not for you guys that I have to do this but for my obedience to God. Believe me, after the Rapture of the Barley Harvest, EVERYONE’S theology is going to change. My 85 year old father had a dream. The Lord spoke to him and said. “right now no one in the body of Christ can even agree on what color to wear, but after the Rapture everyone will be in perfect agreement. It will be the greatest theology corrector, attitude adjustment and evangelizing tool in the history of mankind! He is almost here! …….Sharon…:)



  1. About 20 minutes ago I felt God telling me that there will be multiple raptures so I searched the word "multiple raptures" on YouTube and there came up your video. I do believe you are correct and the first rapture is at hand. "Lord count me worthy to escape "ALL" these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man". May God bless you. We have all waited a long time for this. For some, He is at the door– For others, they must wait a bit longer.

  2. Thank you so much, Ari!! The Lord told me he was going to start revealing this to people!! It's because the Rapture is so close and He wants to give hope to those who are left behind! I'm working on another video and as soon as the Lord gives me the complete message I'll be getting that one out. Thank you so much for your encouragement and God Bless Sweetie!!..:)

  3. I randonmly Flipped open the dictionary and landed on several. Just a few words over to the right was seven and seven fold. Then 2 days later I came across your video and David Dancy's video!!! So biiig confirmation to me!!!

  4. OMG!!!! Sister Sharon I have been thinking on this for over a year now. I could why everyone believed in what they wanted to believe in either pre trib, mid trib, pre wrath, or post wrath. To me, I could see everyone's point of view because I saw the scriptures to back up everyone's point of view. So I got to thinking why all of them could not be correct. So then 4 days ago I was praying to the Lord and I asked him how many raptures were there going to be. Cont.

  5. Hi..I Looove this video! Sharon is my beautiful; older sister. She now has a page on Face Book called,"Watcher Sharon McReynolds" We just started it so please help her bget this news out by liking her FB page..Thanks! "Joy"

  6. I've thought of that too, But I don't know how to do it either ..lol. I'm still learning. It's just like God to ask somebody to do something they have NO idea how to do, so I'm scrambling trying to find people who will teach me. No one in my family is comfortable with what I am dong so I was so grateful for my son's help, but I don't want to push it. Now I'm going to see if my Nephew will help and teach me so I can do it myself. The design of the video is all mine, I just need tech. skills:)

  7. Thank you so much! I have seen so much teaching where people say if you don't make the Rapture you are going to hell. There is no hope for you.God is going to crush you.you are going to get yours!That's all I seem to hear.The Lord showed me this almost two years ago before I even knew what youtube was. He has been telling me to do this for a while and I finally found a way to do it! I would love for it to go viral! Give people hope and maybe bring more of the Body of Christ together! God Bless!

  8. Awesome video and great word from the Holy Spirit. I have more information you need to hear about revelations. I been trying to make a video for over a month about the reading order of revelations. It will help tremendously with what you discovered and your info helps me with what I discovered. I knew about the witnesses rapture but didn't include it because it was just them 2. But know I know I should have included them. I will make that Revelations video and put it all together. Stay Blessed!

  9. About 2 weeks ago! I would say June 2013. The only one of these Raptures here that have taken place is the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is to encourage the Tribulation Saints. Thank you for watching…:) (when you do)…:)


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