Hi Everyone! This is a new song I wrote this year. It’s called Watch Over You. I wrote it as a type of lullaby, however, I am also thinking of doing another version of this with more instruments. I am also thinking of putting more songs like this up, if you all enjoy it. I hope this helps you rest.
Watch Over You © 2019.



  1. Oh my gosh 6 DEGREES DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!! cue horn sounds congrats on having the talent to produce music that sounds not only beautiful BUT relaxing and calming, all the while uplifting King Jesus! If I stop typing I bet it would make me cry in worship towards God almighty! had to get in this comment before my excitement flees thanks for sharing yourself with us here on YouTube! Good job 👍🏽 put this on Apple Music . Waiting to download it!

  2. The song is so beautiful. I just lost my grandpa. He was in my life for 40 years. And I'm absolutely heartbroken, but I know that it was God's will and he was ready to bring him home.


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