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Video Description:

In their ministry to many hundreds of Christian singles over the years, Kevin and his wife, have seen that most are longing for a great relationship but are not having much success in the dating department. So they’re asking, “How can I find the one?” and “How can I enter a relationship that goes the distance?”

It’s better to focus on becoming the one rather than finding the one! When you do that, then you start becoming attractive from the inside out. You do that by first looking in God’s datability mirror.

It will help you see areas you need to grow, and, even more, the incredibly attractive person God has already made you to be. He is calling you to allow Him to change you from the inside out, to let your “inner amazing” break free, and begin to “show up” on the outside.

As the Lord inspires this transformation, you will find yourself effortlessly entering into a great dating relationship and eventual marriage.



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