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  1. May ❤God 💜Be💚 With💛 Everyone❤ Always 💙Much💚 Love Blessings💚 Always ✌️ 🙌 🙏 💖 ✨️ 🎇 🌈🌐💚💙💜💜💜💙💙💙💚💚💚💛💛💛

  2. Peace💙 and 💚Blessings❤ Too❤ My💙 Brothers 💚May💜 God💛 Bless 💙Everyone❤ Always💜 May God 💙Bless ❤Everyone💜 Richly with💚 everything❤ they💜 need Always💙 Much ❤Love💜 Blessings❤ Always ✌️ 🙌 🙏 💖 ✨️ 🎇 ✌️ 🌈🌐💜❤❤💚💚💚❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜

  3. I accidentally searched for Zay Hill instead of XAY Hill, and let's just say,,,,, it wasn't good 👀😩. Thank God I noticed the X before I hit play. Lawd lol

  4. Thank you Jesus


    My Everything

    Xay Hill



    My Everything Lyrics

    (Ryze got 'em going up)

    I started running my own race, I had no one to trust me
    All this time like I'm up next but had no one to love me
    I had to get it by my lone, I trust nobody but the GB
    My OG OD'd, that's why I trust the G-O-D
    They say that I'm doing my best when I be living like the underdog
    But I can't handle any stress, I'm feeling under, dawg
    I'm tired of sitting in my mess, I'm tryna bless it off
    This crooked smile on my face, I couldn't hide the flaws
    Let's admit it, I'm still traumatized from mama calling
    Across the country, I'm on tour, that phone kept going off
    Felt her tears through the phone, my speaker started to leak
    Yo' granny died, I couldn't leave, I'm all in the street
    Like, man, I gave my all for music, I feel I'm meant to lose it
    I tried to ignore the whispers but the devil sound like cupid
    I fell in love with the loss, like, am I really meant to do this?
    Or am I just stupid? (Stupid)

    All I know, I gave my everything
    And I can't lose my everything
    I went through too much to be here
    I work too hard to die in fear of everything
    Ooh, ooh (Ooh, ooh)
    My everything

    aroomfullofmirrors Breaks Down The Meaning Of 'ARFOM'


    aroomfullofmirrors Breaks Down The Meaning Of 'ARFOM'

    [Verse 2]
    I must admit it, I don't feel like doing music
    But every song that I make is therapeutic
    That's why I gotta do it, gotta speak the truth
    But lately all I do is cry up in the booth
    And nothing's wrong, I'm just tryna be the greatest
    Big boy dreams, too hard for me to chase 'em
    I get discouraged seeing streams go down
    Man, couldn't fake it
    Yeah, my wife and kid gotta live off every song that I make
    I want this thing so bad, it seems so hard for me to taste
    Put myself in position to lose this race
    But that's when you came in, and you showed yo' grace
    I gave my all and my everything, it's so much to lose
    I wanna speed to the top, but you got me on cruise
    You the light in the tunnel, I see you shining through
    I hope you see I gave my everything 'cause it's all for you, ooh

    All I know, I gave my everything (My everything)
    And I can't lose my everything (And I can't lose my everything)
    I went through too much to be here
    I work too hard to die in fear of everything (Everything)
    Ooh, ooh (Ooh, ooh)
    My everything

    I done gave it all
    I done did it all
    I done had it all
    I done had it all, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Uh, my everything
    Nothing more and nothing less
    I'm in this heart with no regrets
    And I'll keep moving 'til the end (Uh, yeah)
    My everything
    It's all for you
    It's all for you (It's all for you)
    Said, it's all for you
    It's all for you
    My everything
    My everything
    My everything
    My everything
    My everything
    (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
    Man, my everything



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    Written By

    Xay Hill

    Mastering Engineer

    Ryze (CHH)

    Mixing Engineer

    Ryze (CHH)





    Primary Artist

    Xay Hill

    Release Date

    July 16, 2021


    RapChristian RapChristianTrapHip-Hop



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  5. Not necessarily my style of music, but I gave it a like because I like the lyrics and wanted to help a brotha out.

    I sent this song to my 20 year old son. I think he'll like it. Keep grinding!

  6. Praise God, for bringing the world His truth, through someone that I can understand and relate to. Everything, God , we put it down for You, help us when we try and pick it back up Lord, I know I do that, and I'm sorry.


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