“Yahweh | Official Lyric Video | WorshipMob ft Cross Worship (by All Nations Music)
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“Yahweh.. not only just a name but a description of whom we serve. In Hebrew, Yahweh translates to, “He brings into Existence Whatever Exists” (Yahweh-Asher-Yahweh). He is the reason and the creator of ALL THINGS. All that we’ve known and all that we will ever know and discover is because of Yahweh. What better way can we describe the creator of all? Some would say, “You’ve told me what He does and what he can do but Who is this Yahweh?” Other translations bring into clarity that Yahweh can also mean, “HE IS”. Sometimes we get so caught up in our words of flattery, we forget how HE described Himself to Moses,. “I am who I am”. Yahweh Was, IS, and Forever WILL BE whatever we NEED and Desire Him to BE. So we lift you high!” – Troy Culbreth

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Yahweh by Adesewa Ayoola, Kofi Dartey, & Ryan Ofei
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus by Rev. Timothy Wright & The New York Fellowship Mass Choir
other spontaneous by WorshipMob

Vocalists: Troy Culbreth, Shovon Byers, Osby Berry, D’Marcus Howard, Aaron McClain, & Colten May
Keys: Darius Byers
Acoustic Guitar: Ben Wamberg
Electric Guitar: Hadid Boneta & Luke Hall
Bass: Josue Maldonado
Drums: Michael Taylor Jr.
Percussion: Marcos Popa
Choir: Stephen Goodier, Glorianna Barnes, Brea Ming, Claudia Martinez, Rachel Hyppolite, Teira Ila, Colette Alexia, Bianca Ejoifor, & Chris McDonald
Prayer/Intercession: Sean Mulholland, Larissa Mulholland, Lauren McClain, Devin Christensen, Christine Jennings, Austin Vande Berg, Nick Smith, & Stephen Roux
Graphic Design/Thumbnail: Claudia Martinez
Camera Artists: Dezerae Buford, Angel Rideout, Daniel Lamb, Andrew Stoffel, Jared LeHew, Luke Erickson, Zalie Mulholland, Sophia Mulholland, & Paul Martinez
Recording Engineer: Jesse Bergeron
Audio & Vocal Editing: Sean Muholland & Colten May
Mixing & Mastering : Sean Mulholland
Video Production: Dezerae Buford
Produced by Sean Mulholland, Dezerae Buford, & Colten May
Lyric Video Production: Mitch Obach


You alone deserve my worship
You alone deserve my praise
You alone deserve honour

So we lift you high Yahweh, Yahweh
So we lift you high Yahweh, Yahweh
So we lift you high Yahweh, Yahweh
So we lift you high Yahweh, Yahweh

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  1. I love ❤ my holy Father so much! praise Him you all are so beautiful 😍 lifting him ❤ 💪 ♥ up anointed 👏 🙌 👏 🙌 👏 🙌 👏 🙌 👏 voices to the most high holy Father!!!!!

  2. There is a tsunami coming for the east coast!
    The Lord God has told me that the ENTIRE east coast will be destroyed and or underwater!

    This tsunami is also written in the scriptures.
    One place is Revelation chapter 8:6-9.

    This Tsunami is also depicted on US currency just as 911 was depicted before the event happened! Please fold an actual, or paper copy image of a 100$ or 50$ bill sourced from the internet into a pentagon shape with the face on the inside. Then you will discern water towering over large NYC skyscrapers!

    This image is also on illuminati playing cards, the Simpson's Canary Islands episode, I Pet Goat 2, many music videos, many movies, many video games like Secret Files, and many other places as well!

    The LaPalma Island volcano is now spliting and it is said when the flank of the island falls into the Atlantic off the coast of Spain, water displacement will occur and create a large tidal wave that will destroy NYC and all surrounding areas! It will also drown all neighboring states to the north and south, and also down to the entire state of Florida
    and all its nearby islands!

    Please pray about what has been written here.

    Please ask the Lord God to save your soul by His shed blood on Calvary and ask Him to save your life with instrutions on how to move from harms way if you are situated on the east coast or near any tributaries that may be a source for flooding nearby landareas.

    You can go to floodmap.net then plug in 100- 200 meters high wave to see how your particular areas does.

    Please, if you are reading this i believe it is by divine intervention.
    Perhaps its not for you but someone you know,
    or perhaps you have the power to warn many by your resources or friends.

    Thank you for reading this.
    May peace be within you inspite of your/ our circumstances.


  3. Yah all praise and glory to your holy name. Yeshua ( Jesus ) the way, truth and life. No one comes to the father except through our beloved Yeshua 👑

  4. Greatest man in history, had no servants, yet they called him Master. Had no degree, yet they called him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today🙏🏻. His name is Jesus.❤

  5. Inspired song. But please it's not a holy trinity, he's the mighty one. Then you loose your way at the end by calling on the imposter. Showing me that you know truth but you still choose a lie

  6. I listened to this song nonstop for a whole day then again and again.
    There must be a God, cause how can you explain the peace I get from listening to a song from a bunch of strangers.


  7. God wants you to be vulnerable and honest when you pray. He knows what you're going to pray for before you even pray. And he doesn't listen to the big words you use or the very very long prayer, he looks at your heart. God bless all who are reading this!

  8. Your messages are always timely my brother. Thank you for your ministry! I have a testimony for you and your entire ministry. I claim my victory and breakthrough in the gracious name of Jesus Christ our wonderful King!

  9. I love this song but they say the holy trinity it's not in the Bible no such thing so I can't sing along with that part if it's not written I can't say it



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