Dr. Rod Parsley teaches a master class on the end-time language of heaven that can unveil your future through spiritual dreams and visions given by the Holy Spirit.   
Throughout history, God has always used human leaders with a heavenly dream or vision as a conduit to accomplish His purposes in the earth. And now, He’s ready to use YOU. 

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#FutureExposed #SpiritualDreams #DreamsAndVisions

Dr. Rod Parsley
Dreams & Visions – Dreamers & Visionaries Are Not Born
Sumrall Tabernacle
World Harvest Church, Columbus, Ohio
#BiblicalDreams #Prophecy #GiftsOfTheSpirit #SpiritualVisions



  1. Thank God for preachers that still preach truth in the pulpit! Thank God for conviction because it roots out sin!!! Thank God we can still hear the word at this moment because so many cant! Be grateful! i truely believe now is the time to hide the word in your heart. Now is the time to get the word rooted so deep in you that no devil can take it out!fight these lying spirits that say there is no God! Fight these bullies that say that God is so much love that its ok to be luke warm! U better get on fire and light the world up now cause we aint got much longer! Purge me oh God that i may thirst for you every minute of everyday! What good is a few "fun" years here compared to your eternity?! When liquor stores are essential but church is banned.wake up!!!! Help me oh God!

  2. Amen. Love. Faith. Preaching. Preaching. Gospel. Tail. World. About. Lord. Savior. Tail. Another’s. About. Lord. Savior. Amen. Lord. Savior. He. Comeing. I. Will. Always. Love. Lord. Savior. Hello. Brother. Pastor. Parsley. God. Bless. You. Ilove. Parise. Lord. Savior

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