Can we really figure out the map of the flat, enclosed world…?

And even if we can, are there even bigger questions that the shape/mechanics of where we live…?



  1. Hi, Brother. Just watched again you beautiful video afresh, and, passing by, I want to send You my best feelings, hoping your life is rewarding and You are happy. God bless. From France.

  2. It all is simulated, it can be any shape and follow any laws, programed into it. The simulated earth theory doesn't go against the Bible. God is the programmer, Christ is the Logos or code and all things were made through him. We are the souls/programs, these programs need to be tested before the Creator will put those souls into eternal, indestructible, powerful bodies. This makes things like instinct easier to understand. It also makes the Mandala effect make more sense. it seems we are all converging on this timeline right before judgement. some programs/souls will go on to the new earth some will be trapped here, in a state of quantum immortality as this world burns…aka lake of fire. As the scripture says "in those days man shall seek death and shall not find it". We are not co-creators, or any of that man is god garbage. God is the only sovereign being. Give him thanks for your experiences but remember always, the spirit is real and this reality is illusion.

  3. I believe that I do not know what we are on. I do not believe the globe.
    I do believe that we are being lied to.
    What if the "human area" is where WE are enclosed.
    What if, and a big one at that, we are on a plane. An infinite plane, or at least very large
    Maybe our enclosed space is round as we sit in the middle of a square plane.
    Just thinking.

  4. I'm an Arab ex Muslim from a Muslim family who turned to atheism for most of my life.

    Flat Earth, when I came to it, I mocked it nonstop and laughed. The usual curiosity got me to delve more for a laugh, then I found more and more it was truth and was scared. I am not going to lie, I've considered this New Age mysticism as truth, but then I think to myself I try to be a good person A LOT (maybe more than most around me) but I still remember I'm a lustful, prideful, wrathful person despite my desire be saint. I've been binge watching your videos, I've delved into so much conspiracy data from Jews running everything to Moon Landing to Aliens to Federal Reserve to Gaddafi's death to Hollywood, and I keep feeling like Jesus is the truth but I'm scared, I can't exactly talk about this with most around me.

    I was close to tears listening to this. I've spent so many years as an atheist downright mocking religion, and Jesus, and the things I said were horrible. However the more I delved into conspiracy theories history geopolitics religious prophecy and theology, the more I started to realize those Christians I mocked, weren't as loony as I thought.

    My Christian friends keep telling me god's knocking on my door, persistently. I wonder why so many others never question the geopolitics of Arabs, why nobody even cares about the deaths of people in Gaza or Syria or Libya, why no one bothers to listen to me when I try and want to awaken them to some sort of fight or to even delve into conspiracy theory.

    I'm just rambling at this point, but just know I really appreciate your videos. Thank you.

  5. Enoch Chapter 72 is titled; The Book of the Courses of the Heavenly Luminaries. It follows with detailed logistics of the portals from which the Sun, Moon and Stars enter and leave our atmosphere. I enjoy gleaning all the tidbits in this book.

  6. Thanks for the response. I am new to this with so many questions. My husband asked the simple question im sure you've answered. If you get in a plane head east or west and keep going, you end up where you started. How does that work on a f.e.?

  7. dear brother GOD is speaking to you ,and HE is speaking to us …I can not sent that I am afraid ,very afraid of His kingdom not coming jet ,I pray every day for HE to return I all His power and give us the so long wait day of freedom ,justice,peace and above all love ,brother I still afraid ,please pray for me as I pray for you ,!!!

  8. flat domed earth is the basement of the universe. there is no outer space, no other planets, this is the only basement planet and were locked in it. Heaven is over the firmament….and no, the flat earth is not spinning like a record, the hovering helicopter theory basically proves that. i dont know if Lucifer is alive or dead but this earth is controlled by the fallen ones who came here, tampered with mankind genetically and got locked down here with us and they probably Prefer it down here since theyre the 1/3rd who got evicted in the Heaven wars. all throughout egyptian, sumerian and asian culture, you can see these entities being praised as Gods and bringing knowledge and technology that couldnt be explained back then. the tower of babel from Genesis was allegedly an energy or electric based "Stargate" that was being built at the top of the tower. the stargate wouldve let mankind get THROUGH the firmament and into Heaven and the God Group couldnt risk that, which is why they came down and scattered everything. Jesus walking on water was probably something electric or energy based. Jesus himself was a genetic plant in Mary and being guided himself by what most would consider "aliens" but were either beings from the God Group or fallen angels, im not sure which but if you think about it, fallen angels abducting Mary and genetically impregnating her and telling her they are God and that Jesus is Gods Son falls inline with all the other trickery that was going on back then.

  9. Few people consider the question of, how we arrive at a belief about anything in the first instance. When God places a certain Tree in the midst of the Garden with specific instructions attached to it, "antithesis," in human reason process, is enabled. Man is complete, Spirit, that can know stuff in his Soul, and then express that knowing into the external world. Like three distinct equal beings whose mutual reciprocal actions between themselves, represents a unity of, thought, will, and expression, God is Love. For us, children are the heritage of the Lord; we have 12. They all understand that the thinking possibility question is only explained in Genesis. In the beginning, Thinking…" Then shall a man leave his mother and his father, and shall cleave to his wife, and the two shall be one Thinker." Our 12 children, were always exposed to a thinking environment like this. In our Maori culture, when it comes to value and meaning, we will reason in absolute terms. If you watch our haka, you will see it. Our most famous haka, "Ka Mate Ka Mate," is about a man that lay down his life for his enemy. It is performed all over the world. Our anthem is, "God defend New Zealand." Though we are small and situated in the uttermost parts of the Flat Earth, we know that God is rather than is not. God bless the truth.


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