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  2. President Trump put God back into the Whitehouse and the nation. He put God first in America. Nancy was excomunicated from the Roman catholic church for being unable to control her drinking. I know this You have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything. I know where President Trump stands and its in a much better place morality and spiritually and I stand with God. I see God is with President Trump. All of those things your saying just one last time are not the morality of the republican party and President Trump. I pray for you and America and President Trump.

  3. The bible does not belong to the Christian religion because nothing like Christianity RELIGIONS in the TORAH or scriptures is only for the children of Israaltite because them are the choose people of the most high of spirit in Revelation 7 : 4

  4. SHALAWAM ONE FAMILY i am Hebrew Israelites from Nigeria based in Europe Babel two please Friday to Saturday is not the true Shabbath of the most high of spirit according to the scripture truth in Genesis 1 : 14 : 15 AND ISAIYAH 66 : 23 AND Ezekial 46 AND ENOCH 77 : 14 AND Psalms 81 : 3 read it now to know more about the true Shabbath

  5. I don’t see how anyone could fall for this. And bible studies in the White House is ludicrous. Of course they are studying the Bible! How else are they going to know what they can do to bring on the end. They are doing all they can to anger Jesus.
    And by this, I mean this whole Trump thing. Who in their right mind thinks he is here to help? None of them are. Believe me, they are playing us against each other.

  6. It actually matters not what religion Mr trump is , because the protest is over,it happened when almost all of the prodastant leaders have given in to the popes demand for reunification of the church

  7. Catholics are not Christians , and there will be a whole lot of suprized and disappointed people , when Mr trump enacts Sunday laws at the behest of jesuit masters, all of those empty fema camps were built for a reason , so will obamas guillotines, very proud red lister here, God bless

  8. Bros.& Sis', we CANNOT afford to chance our souls on the promises of man. our souls are at hand. WHAT is MORE important than OUR CHARGE? 🙏come out from amongst them. let's be about our FATHER'S BUSINESS. games, even in the church. have mercy on us FATHER in THE PRECIOUS NAME OF YESHUAH 🙏. CALL OUT TO HIM NOW while you STILL have time, 🙏. Please, if you have yet to receive YESHUAH as YOUR LORD and SAVIOUR, follow HIM only. study & meditate, day and night people. THIS IS REAL. ( please) do so right NOW THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD, hallaluauh 🙌 HE IS, THE GREAT”I AM”. hallaluauh 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 YESHUAH IS COMING 🙏😴please wake-up💞 beautiful video. peace be with you and yours

  9. Trump is racist how the hell can he save America. This ship is sinking the Creator will destroy this land . You have to destroy in order to rebuild . This land has no morals. I quit smoking, drinking ,hanging out wit friends .I dont watch TV I'm using my time to to rebuild my relationship with the creator . I'm fighting all temptations. I repent my sins. I'm now spiritual. Every time I sinned I felt so dirty . I'm cleaning my self from the inside out . I hope people get it together and ask for forgiveness. Time is running out folks


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