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  1. i like how i called myself a kid and i don't usually say that word i use child then i got in trouble, now i got this video sent to me, and i got in trouble for not watching the video. hahπŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘

  2. I was raised that a kid is a baby goat. Fact is, children are not baby goats. With Baphomet being a goat, it was very evident what was happening. It has not always been that children were universally being called kids. It used to be inappropriate and incorrect to say such a thing. Then one day everyone wss ssying it. It wss like a spell was cast. Thank you for doing a video on this. It has always annoyed me to hear grown adults refer to children as "kids". In the law, I wiuld call them noncompis mentis. Like you said, of all the baby animals to call children, why "kids" and everyone just fell in formation. Nit one profesdional in the media or on television has addressed thus very disturbing trend. So sickening.
    All praise for you and your service.

  3. Great video! I did realize it years ago from reading the Bible but it’s hard for me to get others to understand it and change it. The curse needs to be broke. I love the children! Thanks for sharing! Glory to The Most High!

  4. Amen! Even before I watch the video, someone mentioned this year's ago, casually. I never called my 16yo a kid, kidd was the nickname my late aunt gave me, who I suspect is a witch. Her sons name is Drago (dragon), D should always shut himself up in a room and come out talking about the conversations he's had with satan. We were SUPER young. I'd always say "stop playing"

  5. I was listening to a prominte bible teacher with a doctorate this past weekend giving tips to dad's for father's day ( which is just another pagan celebration, but that's a top for another discussion) the gentleman kept saying kids, kids, kids. Our kids this our kids that. Finally I had to shut him off, I couldn't take it. Good grief!

  6. This just proves how spirituality blind the world is. Things are thrown into our faces day to day with literal meanings . But we don’t even take the time to process it because we are blind. Thank you brother for showing us this . I may never use the term kid ever again

  7. God made goats or kids or whatever you call the animal. Man is the one who made the goat into a satanic symbol. Stop buying into the negativity. You're looking waaaaay too deep into a bunch of nonsense. Reaching!!!!!!

  8. This had opened my eyes! Makes so much sense.
    I have a great relationship with Jesus Christ and pray for my little ones (just caught myself writing kids again) every day, yet didn’t know what mistake I was making πŸ˜” my children are children from now on! And children of God πŸ™Œβ€οΈπŸ™ bless them all πŸ™Œ

  9. Oh dear! I didn't truly know that it was not good calling children "kids". Oh Heavenly Father, please forgive me for I let my guard down without knowing it. Thank you so much for telling me about this. Just curious, where do you get those information from other than the Bible? Thanks. And one more question, which Bible translation should I read? I read KJV and mostly NKJV.

  10. This is a good message to share but my question for you is why are you still calling our Father our Creator " God " ??? Did you know that the Catholic church tampered with the Bible many times ( even though it's a warning not to by Yahuah ) and the Catholic church have taken out many books from the Bible and changed many names- including Yahuah's cause when you call him " GOD " that you are really calling him a dog !!!! The word " GOD " spelled backward is spelled " DOG " ..Our Creator said to call him by his name and nothing more !!!! And it's clear what his name is in the Hebrew Bible , same for his beloved son Yahusha who many still call " Jesus Christ " ..which is actually the name of the Anti Christ , where the Holiday Christ- Mas comes from and how we get the word Christ-ian and celebrate him on Sunday in Sun worship's all connected- Yahuah said to rest on the Sabbath and Sabbath is on a Saturday !!!! Christ-mas is actually the birthday of the Anti Christ..that's why we light up a tree and decorate it with bells and Holly ( Holly – Wood ) and put a falling star on top ( which represents his Father Satan: The morning Star as he was known in Heaven as Lucifer ) and burn a Yule log ..ask yourself what does any of that have to do with Heaven ??? Nothing LOL We all must make a change in how we do and say things that don't line up with our Father ..not just the things we FEEL like changing !!!!! Thank you for the video πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

  11. If you think calling your children a kid is bad. Imagine calling your savior "Jesus". The bible says there's only one name that that you can be saved in, and it ain't jesus!!! smh. Jesus isn't even a translation of his name, never mind a proper one. So if calling your children is bad, imagine how your lord and savior feels. Let me ask you this! Which do you think is a more important topic to discuss? Let's get real here people , the devil is here to deceive you and the road to hell is paved with good intentions, so dont get caught up worshipping this jesus character when the true GOD of the bible returns. And the man making this video knows this.

  12. What blows my mind is how real Our Father Yahweh is. I saw this video posting and didn't watch it. A week later (yesterday) I ran into a new sister in Yeshua and she said THE EXACT same thing. The Lord showed me how He doesn't refer to us as 'kids' but children. Thank You Father for this. Now I know better. πŸ€—πŸŒ·πŸ™πŸ½β€οΈ

  13. This seems a little far fetched, I could be wrong, but I think that you are taking conspiracy and thinking too much to the point you see conspiracy everywhere, words do have influence over our thoughts and emotions, but they have no magical cursing powers

  14. True! Goat is more prevalent in these last days man does not believe we are being deceived please continue to spread the good news so the sheep are unvail that we know the truth and do not fall victim to worldly devilish sinful lies used to separate us from God Nicki Minaj " I am the goat the goat the goat here" Michael Johnson aka the goat I want to be a lamb a disciple a sheep on the right side of God's Mighty Right Saving hand in Jesus Name Amen.

  15. Goats. I never said that to the children anymore. You're calling them goats. God will separate the goats from the sheep. I knew this years ago and said don't call them that. People think you're crazy it's just a word. No. You're calling them goats. Sad. God bless you and your family. Amen.

  16. I knew this but since im bilingual i didnt pay attention to it when i learned kid was the baby of a goat i wondered why human would use the term but i thought it was an American thing but i did question it once in the beginning.


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