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  1. This grieves me and disgusts me. Up until about a year ago I used to listen to this crap and be one of the go with the flow numbers Praise The Lord Allmighty Heavenly Father for slapping me in the face and waking me up. I don't even listen to music nor watch any TV anymore it literally makes my stomach churn and I am so repulsed by anything of Hollywood or the music industry that promotes the evil one. God bless you brother for doing The Lords work and being one of His warriors

  2. In the book of jeremiah God said don't even pray to him for these people cause he ain't listening. Wants they sell their soul it's over for thrm I'm not praying for wicked satanic bladmeous people who hate jesus Christ. Keep exposing truth and to the remnant that's for christ jesus repent and keep matching on the lord side in prayer.

  3. I've never watched the VMAs, and I do not watch the Grammys, etc., don't watch any award shows. The blatant exhibitions of their worshipping Satan is the very bottomless pit of evil & its total depravity. I am certainly glad that I got saved decades ago.

  4. That girl…whether she knows it or not, is working for the real and working Satan. She is doing a great job for him, whether she knows it or not. But she seems so bold, it is like she definitely knows whose side she's on.

  5. all g lory to our Father for exposing this evil blasphmeny i see it in instagram promoting seducing spirits with kardashians jenner klan and facebook TikTok music videoes reaching to the very young and vulnerable parents need to wake up we are in a battle against spiritual wickedness Ephesians 6

  6. We need to be in alert and stay awake. My blind fold came off a few years ago God showed me behind this corrupted world to protect my children from it. This girl is used by the illuminati the music industry and film industry are all corrupted and controlled by illuminati. Lets stay awake and be on alert.

  7. Like your channel but come on dude Jesus isn't real.
    The bible was copied off of an ancient Egyptian book called "the coming fort by day" but Europeans called it the "book of the dead".
    They copied Jesus and mary off of Eru and Auset.
    Joshua was copied off of Imhotp.

  8. I agree most in the TV music business can control your minds . Thank God we have some good people cause won't say all evil . But Yeah can't she believe mocking last supper and hexagon above wow This woman something else not in good way . Again thanks telling me little shock .

  9. Did anyone else See Nikkie Manaj's performance at the 2018 VMAs??? I Couldn't believe that all them people didn't see what her eyes were doing! She was Deff Possessed, and if you really didn't see it, then thank God, because I was shocked that all them people couldn't see what was happening right in front of them, But I could and did see thay they were Not cheering for the One they thought they were Cheeeing for the Demon/Demons that She herself Gave Permission to Possess her Body…God is the only ONE who Can,& Will PROTECT you from what is all around Us Every second of everyday, God is My Everything, Forever and Always…God Bless Everyone…


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