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  1. My brother in may I had a mental breakdown because I was lead astray by seducing evil spirits. I came across your video and it affended me because I was possessed. Now that I have found and accepted my savior Christ I can see the truth in what you're saying. I'm sorry for every evil thought and word I had against you when I was possessed. You're doing a great work opening people's eyes, may the God of peace be with you and i pray to meet you in His kingdom🙏.

  2. Look i'm sorry for this but that part that you say we are not gods i can't agree with you on that why because it is biblical : I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

    Psalms 82:6 KJV
    And you say that we don't have eternal in us I can't agree with you on that either because we are spirit and spirit never dies and we have soul which makes us more special more than any created being on earth and that's why God sacrifice His only son to die for us For He knew who we are and the quality that we have it is also says that a soul of a men is valuable than anything on this earth so you can imagine why God made that statement that we are precious in His eyes
    He created us in His own Image and likeniss so that we might be like Him on earth and when Jesus Christ came to this world he demonstrate that austerity and power and he says I'm only doing what my father instructed me to do and what I see him do
    That's what I do to
    So my point is you can't leave that ferry own thing that make me feel special on a site and say that I'm not that for I know who I'm
    Even in Galatians the bible say it that we are his sons and his children because we are also spirit just so as He is a Spirit but enable for us to demonstrate that we need to except Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal savior and be baptized and fill with the Hollyspirit of God which will live in us and demonstrate that power and austerity thru us
    Jesus Christ even say that we will do more than he has even do
    So my brother I'm not here to judged you are something but I just want clearness and understanding on this one
    And keep doing what you are doing
    I wish you best of luck and may the lord continue to guide you and protect you
    In Jesus mighty name I pray Amen

  3. If you know about Vudu; you know about the history of Vudu, American black history, and how vudu spreaded and changed throughout the Caribbean, the Americas, and the southern U.S. A major part of Vudu, and it's sister religions are based upon loud music, wild dancing, and – THE INVOCATION OF ANCESTRAL SPIRITS AND DEAD FAMILY & RELATIVES. Google: history of Vudu, santería, balboa, Yoruba, yohimbe, and ancestral religions.

  4. Christianity and all religion come back to Egypt !!! And has been washed up by the Zionist Jews which depicts the white Jesus!!! Look up my friend that breaks all the paradigm of the Bible and all religions!!! Everyone wake up this guy is an agent !! Look up RFG the chosen one!!!


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