Dr. Hamp Sr Pastor of The Way Congregation in Denver, CO brings his years of linguistic and biblical research to tackle your difficult Bible questions. Join Dr. Hamp at TheWayCongregation.com for Shabbat Services Streamed live.
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  1. My question is, in this day and age when we can prove that the Earth is not heliocentric and that it is a form of sun worship, why do you worship the Sun? Is it because you are Jesuit?

  2. Awww I missed it. Thank you mr hamp, you helped me come back to the faith and see my family that I havent seen in so long. Coming back to my church and finally accepting Jesus as my Lord and savior. GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER. ALL Glory to the most high!

  3. I do not quite understand how one can believe one doesn’t have to suffer and not undergo the great tribulation since all those believers in Yeshua’s time underwent extreme suffering. It is really sheer escapism….The rapture is a false theory – it is called gathering of all Yeshua’s elect.


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