When an experienced runner decides to train for a 100-mile ultramarathon in a hostile desert, he must face the daunting task of doing something that seems impossible.

Like the runner, we on Earth must face our own great adventures, traversing a seemingly endless array of life’s peaks and valleys, in our journey back to God. But as we do so, pushing through the darkest trials and obstacles, we gain perspective about why we are here and how to ultimately succeed.

In his 2019 general conference address, “Your Great Adventure,” (https://bit.ly/3avDWrc) Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf explains that “as you remain on the path and trust in God, you will eventually find the way to your glorious destiny and back to your heavenly home.”

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  1. Wow, this video is excactly what I needed to watch right now. I agree with the guy in this video. If we give up then we’re going to fail, but if we take one step at a time, don’t focus on things becoming perfect and have faith in our Heavenly Father then we’re going to reach our goals one day ❤️

  2. Stop praying for a flat, easy path. That's not what life is about. I've been dealing a ton of problems lately. It sucks because I don't have somebody to confide with. But Heavenly Father listens to me. He validates me. He is the ultimate Friend we all need.

  3. I saw this video when I was in my country last year but I don't feel anything. But now its touching my heart like an arrow . It was my idea to come to UK to do my bachelor's in Aviation. I was inspired by seeing flight around the sky. On clear sky with bright twinkling star's flights were coming across wow amazing. I waited 2 years to find a path to reach inside aviation and another 10 more months to come here. I face all the challenges with faith, it's impossible for my family to support me with my studies but I trust god he can make a way. Yes, he open doors which I never expect. After all the struggles, depression I believe I can do this course well. Now, I pass 1 month here but, sometimes I felt the entire idea was wrong and I am not sure how to move forward. I wish God to come near me I just want to hug him 1 second 😔. Past few days where not good I felt longliness, depression, frustration I cannot express my feelings through words. Yes, he chosen me not because I am perfect but because I need to go through. Yes I need to run, I need to run, I need to run……

  4. We all have our own deserts to run through. God created us to learn from our struggles, and to follow him through this challenging, but beautiful life. While we run through our own life, we should pray to be able to help others get through also, because though our desert may be vast, we need never travel alone. Jesus Christ is our ultimate teacher, guide, and Savior, and can be with us every step we take.

  5. You are created as God, your divine destiny, of what your creating in your life, your world. You have the ability to create happiness all around you and helping others is a fulfilling feeling.

  6. This message is exactly what my heart was longing for. I am so very thankful for a God who loves us, knows us and will always be there for us. There will always be a way, you have everything you need because God believes in you and you are His and that's enough. Find your courage press forward and rise up; that's the great test of the journey

  7. As long as you put one foot ahead of the other ( like walking ) you’ll always
    Go as far as you want. Even when people doubt you just ignore them. When you believe in your self and push your self you can shoe those people that you can do anything you put your mind to. I love this because he believed in him self. But when times get tough you need to keep going. Not everything is going to go the way you want it to go. I love it when he said not everything in the world is meant to be perfect. I love this because it shows reality. And it shows that not everybody is perfect. Even if you start to doubt yourself and lose faith in your self. Find the faith you have left on your self and go for it so you make more. If everything was perfect and fell into place you wouldn’t have challenges.

  8. This gave me a great insight. Notice how the video focuses on the training and preparation rather than the race itself. In applying the metaphor to mortality, I always thought of life as this one big all-or-nothing race. That this period of existence is a judgement of success or failure, with nothing in between. But as I ponder this video, I'm starting to realize that mortality is not the Supra marathon, or even a short sprint. Mortality is the period of training leading up to the event. We aren't expected to run 100 miles today, right now. But we are expected to build up our spiritual muscles, get out of our comfort zone, and use the time given to us to prepare and practice. Thank you!

  9. As I examine my life in the eve of my life, I can see how many times Jesus carried me, and I seldom knew it. Now, in my old age, as I face that inevitable "graduation" alone, I know that my Savior will be there to help me through it, so that I won't be alone. He will be there to take me through the veil.

  10. I am in the process of finding appropriate counselors and mentors to guide me in my path to become an Olympian.

    This video, God mentored me. It was His action that both helped me in my deepest need but also asked me, "May I be your mentor?"
    The ancient words that now make up the word athlete meant "one who can endure great pain". It is my testimony that God, His Son, and The Holy Ghost are all godly athletes and they are here to help us through our daily pains and frustrations.

  11. Interestingly enough, this video came out on the day I completed the Mountain Phase of U.S. Army Ranger School, as well as the day my son was born. It was an extremely bitter-sweet day, to say the least. Yet, as this so powerfully illustrates, we can find a tremendous amount of meaning in our suffering. And, as we learn to endure greater amounts of suffering, we are better able to help other 'runners' along the way.

  12. Heavenly Father has a way of using our environment and our experiences to teach us the gospel, to remind us that we see his, and to strengthen us. This video moved me so much because I'm running a new race in my life and I'm so thankful I'm not running alone!

  13. Love this! Puts everything into perspective. I can see myself in the preexistence before we decide to come to earth on this journey. We were excited about this mortal race. We fully didn’t understand what it would require to progress until we started the race. After all we are spiritual beings having a mortal experience, not mortal beings having a spiritual experience. I will look at this video often.All I wanted was a flat easy path-

  14. The real test of life isn't to be perfect- we're not expected to be perfect. I LOVE this message and I KNOW that even when you're in that moment where you feel trapped and like there is no point in continuing, Christ is there to help you out and that He will give you strength. I've had so many times in the last year or so when I've struggled with trying to be perfect or be something I'm not, and I'm so grateful for the knowledge that we are loved and God will guide, love and protect us. Thank you for this message ❤️

  15. This was recommended to me and when I saw it I thought "oh! this seems to speak to me right now" but I felt discouragement from and felt like it wasn't worth my time and that I should look for something else but I realized that I needed to push through those negative thoughts and just watch it and the second he said the first word I broke into tears. Never have I found anything that has spoken to my current situation more. I cried through the whole video and even now as I write this comment, but if you happen to be in a situation like in this video, persevere, never stop just keep moving forward and giving your all. Seek help if you need it even if you've been thinking you'll be able to get through on your own, there is no fault in seeking help from a good friend, family member, or your bishop, but above all seek help from the one who knows all your troubles and feels your pain, pray to your hearts content, come to know the spirit and do all that is good.


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