Don’t let one bad season keep you from pursuing your destiny. God wants to do something new in your life.

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  1. You know when you’ve been praying and waiting for your turn and u see years come and go ..u tell yourself this time around will be my time for my blessings..yet nothing seem to pan out for u..u see things working out for your friends and u know deep down u can’t compare ..yet u can’t help but feel that if u are the “forgotten ☝️one“…u are a good person ..u pray n pray and obey God’s word but just nothing works!! It seems so unfair ..u just feel disappointed and discouraged at times..but u have no answers for what’s or why it’s happening.

    That’s where I am.. I will still keep pushing! 🙏🏽

  2. How long are we supposed to “be patient” I haven’t legitimately smiled in 3 years and it seems to just be getting worse 😔 not better 🤦🏾‍♂️ the later days aren’t treating me to well

  3. Yet how many years does one keep trying to survive feeling like on an island all alone?? I keep serving others yet each time I move forward per the Holy Spirit with Mt destiny yet…. I keep praying that the right people are put in my path so I can complete my God dreams too!

  4. I listen to you Joel every day in the morning whilst in prayer and meditation to my higher power. Your message is clear consistent and inspiring – keep god first – gods got this – favour blessings promotion finances health are all on its way just believe have FAITH…

    Fear knocked at the door faith opened it and low and behold know one was there … It all comes round to faith let go let go let go and stay present right here right now one day at a time…. Thank-you

  5. Praise Jesus ThankYou Jesus My Lord and Savior! LORD please come to my rescue and help Me Jesus. Please heal and save my bond marriage and work with Your Divine Mercy Grace and Deliverance.
    Please pray for me My Holy Mother Mary…He will hear your Prayer. Be with me always Holy Mother. My Lord and You My Mother are all I have.
    I declare all my triumphs through Lord Jesus Christ Amen Amen ThankYou Jesus!

  6. Debbie who are you you are not Jesus and you don't like the truth if you don't like my truth don't read it , you never went through it so who are you, god is good, I have a voice I tell the truth it offends you what a shame

  7. Thank you pastor Joel and Victoria and I was in church feeds and was attacked by a woman on drugs and it has affected me greatly I loved going to church she physically attacked me in there through me into a concrete wall and said I ought to kill you I didn't even know her pastor Joel it happened last year still suffering with ptsd and depression over what she did to me please pray for my healing, god bless you ,blessings from Australia 🇦🇺

  8. No one needs too hear this my friend what he needs too be talking about is Sin and Repentance maybe that's why people are going through what they are going through because of Sin you ever think about that?? Amen

  9. Thank you God. I'm listening to this sermon again and again. I am going through so much that someone is still doing to me. I going to give it God and move forward no matter how hard it is for me. I trust God will be here for me. God bless andbthan you very much 😊 🙏


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