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There Was Jesus

Every time I tried to make it on my own
Every time I tried to stand and start to fall
All those lonely roads that I have travelled on
There was Jesus

When the life I built came crashing to the ground
When the friends I had were nowhere to be found
I couldn’t see it then but I can see it now
There was Jesus

In the waiting, in the searching
In the healing and the hurting
Like a blessing buried in the broken pieces
Every minute, every moment
Of where I been and where I’m going
Even when I didn’t know it
Or couldn’t see it
There was Jesus

For this man who needs amazing kind of grace
For forgiveness at a price I couldn’t pay
I’m not perfect so I thank God every day
There was Jesus

On the mountain in the valleys (There was Jesus)
In the shadows of the alleys (There was Jesus)
In the fire, in the flood (There was Jesus)
Always is and always was
I never walk alone

Music by Zach Williams and Dolly Parton performing There Was Jesus (Official Audio). (C) 2019 Provident Label Group LLC, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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  1. If you read this comment, please pray for me and my husband. I made MANY mistakes and am afraid that were gonna lose each other. Want him to find Jesus and make Him his Lord and Savior, just afraid he got hurt too many times to forgive me.

  2. Continue to Be Blessed Brother! During this current age and state of this age, This song has/was released at the right time. Not many songs bring wetness to my eyes, but this one does.

  3. Hallelujah thankful for this life. We all can change in a blinking of an eye. Reflect on your life to see how far we’ve come. The truth is uncomfortable till you learn how to tell it. We can work from the truth about ourselves. Love is the tree of life. Root of love. Learning to love yourself there is a lot pain the truth about ourselves set us free. Forgiveness gives a new day a new start. Be good to those who hate you. Much love all. Be responsible for our words and actions. Tell the truth repent when we are wrong

  4. As dark as it may be….he’s there….focus on the light shining at you, and I promise you, it will lead you back to where you’re supposed to be/ through the tunnel. The key is focusing on the light he’s shining at you. 🙏🏼

  5. I developed a cocaine, sex and porn addiction in my 20's. By my 30's it worsened to a stronger addiction and more reckless behavior. Then 4 years ago at the age of 41 I stood up from my couch and my heart did something odd; then it quickly worsened. It dawned on me I was having a heart attack. Fear gripped me and I although I was familiar with Jesus and God I was not a believer. I started to beg…"God, I am only 41. Please dont take my life. I will move home and get right with you. Please don't take my life." I prayed this back to back and ended up in the emergency room. I was in a private room waiting on the doctors when a man's voice came out of nowhere. He said "I am going to ask you three questions." I said "ok" and he asked me about 3 sinful activities I did pretty much on a daily basis. I answered him and he said "promise me you will stop having immoral sex; stop drug use and stop watching pornography." I said "I promise and he said "then consider this your second chance."
    They let me go a few hours later. They said I had a panic attack but God used that situation to change my life and save me. I am happy to report I kept my promises and life is completely different. Praise God Almighty for eye openings and second chances.

  6. Heard this for the first time tonight when it was played at the start of our online home group. Brought me to tears and again when I listened to after our fellowship. Beautiful words, beautiful song and beautiful collaboration.. Regards and best wishes, Mark (South Africa)


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