Author Topic: [Bible Study] Job: God Makes No Bet With The Satan  (Read 688 times)

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[Bible Study] Job: God Makes No Bet With The Satan
« on: February 23, 2018, 08:08:58 PM »
Job: God Makes No Bet With The Satan

I'm new to studying the texts of Bible. All my life I've been told and believed that the book of Job surrounded a bet that God made with the Devil. I've recently found that no such bet exists.

Satan says to God that Job worships only because God has given him a good life, but take it away and Job will curse him. God never denies this. God tells the Satan to pretty much go ahead, but don't hurt him. Job doesn't curse God with his mouth, but accepts that God gives and takes at his will. Then Satan says, well if you allow his body , then he will curse you. God never says that Job will not curse him, he just says, go ahead, but don't kill him.

Whatever ethical issues anyone might have with this book, this seems to dramatically change the dynamic of the story. God is not betting with the Devil. In the end, God proves his moral.authoeity over all, regardless of what you think is right and wrong. People think they understand what Justice is, and are commanded to be just, but anytime they set up a moral structure they believe as compete unto itself, God allows it to be destroyed.

Is this related to idolatry? The intellect believing it understands the working of the Universe and can make and understand a rule book for it?

This makes sense of why Christ was doing things regarded as illegal and blasphemous in his day, but was trying to tell the Pharasees they had no real idea of what the Law, Justice, truth about God was. When they claim to completely understand the law they claim to.completdly understand God and make themselves out to be God. The exalted on is the wretched publican professing his sin in raw humility, not the man who elevates himself as an idol unto himself.


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