Author Topic: Military are pawns & knowing they still serve? Clones or pawns?  (Read 1977 times)

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Max Amillion
What is this garbage. Military are  unfortunate pawns in the elites chess game. War is created by the elite.

no doubt..the worlds a stage

Dr. Fondlecrotch
Basically. If you want to die for pennies, join the military.

Max Amillion
By Military I mean lower ranks. The high up ranks prob know some of the truth but not all.

Dr. Fondlecrotch@Max Amillion Pawn.. King.. Queen.. Bishop. Knight.. Rook.. None can make their own moves.. The joint cheif of staff to the potus, vpotus, sec of state, speaker, Attorney Gen.. They all pawns in the game. Little slave, big slave, house nigga, feild nigga They manipulate nothing but what the unseen hand allows.

Tally Boss
Last I checked, soldiers work for pay, patriotism.

Dr. Fondlecrotch
@Tally Boss  Patriotism is the pay. The average grunt makes about 14$ hr. You can make that without signing your life away for an 8 year minimum.

Tally Boss
@Dr. Fondlecrotch  understandable, yet many of them could never make 14 an hour as that is about double the minimum wage. Therefore a soldier can be attracted in pursuit of money/happiness. All ONE BIG LIE. Bottom line is WE ARE ALL soldiers on the front lines, the ones that go around shooting and bombing people are the weakest of us all.


It all makes sense as there is a clear separation happening. God does not force us to serve Him. That would be satan, and he does it with bullets and bombs. God just loves us and allows us to choose. Makes it simple if you want to know who are children of God and who listens to Him, and who are children of satan and who listens to him.

Your bullets and bombs disgust me!

If they want to continue to "blend" in with us, I suggest they get rid of all of their guns and bombs quickly. Will they? We all know how they think. Maybe they lost their free will (walking dead)? Maybe they took a vow to serve satan? Programmed clones? Who knows? Just know that they will more than likely do anything they can to keep this fallen world they created. Be still.
  • Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn.


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