Author Topic: New Evidence That "The Temple Mount" Is The Remains Of Roman Fort Antonia  (Read 934 times)

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During the last 50 years thousands of Christians and Jews have prayed at the remains of a Roman fort in the city of Jerusalem, which was built to house the thousands of Roman soldiers needed to police the city during the time of Christ.

Why? Because they have ignored the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:1-3, and Luke 19:41-44, and they have also ignored recent archeological evidence.

Recently a Roman Amphitheater was discovered underground at the "western wall" of the fort.

Read the book "Temple" by Robert Cornuke, which reveals the work of Israeli archeologist Eli Shukron, who became famous for rediscovering the Pool of Siloam.
See the links below about the Roman Amphitheater and Roman Fort Antonia.

Archaeologists just discovered an...


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