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  1. More Evidence Surfaces Against Chinese Executives Suspected of Being China Spies
  2. Backlash: NY Times poll finds even Clinton supporters shifting to Trump - World Tribune: Window on the Real World
  3. Trump pummels Obama in mentions of God for Thanksgiving - WND
  4. Ex-spy Christopher Steele accused Comey of 'treasonous' intervention in 2016 election
  5. BOMBSHELL: 5G devices exposed as actual beam weapon systems by man who disassembles them on camera and finds weaponized electronics inside -
  6. Is John Roberts Up To a Senate Impeachment Trial? | The American Spectator
  7. West Wing Reads | The White House.....Trump to Pick Between 'Bread' and 'Butter' at Annual Turkey Pardoning Ceremony
  8. House Dem now sees no 'value' in impeachment, as polls show falling support among independents | Fox News
  9. Actor Jon Voight on Pelosi and Schiff: 'These people are not well' | Fox News
  10. Navy SEAL Gallagher to retire from active duty, no review board | Fox News
  11. Brutal crackdown of Iran protesters points to increasing divide, leadership losing grip: 'The regime is afraid' | Fox News
  12. Were the Pilgrims saints or savages? - WND
  13. Biden fumes at Graham over request for documents on son; Giuliani blasts 'threat to a US Senator' | Fox News
  14. California Supreme Court rejects law requiring Trump to release tax returns to get on ballot | Fox News
  15. Hunter Biden-Linked Company Received $130 Million in Special Federal Loans While Joe Biden Was VP - Routed Profits Through Cayman Islands
  16. Here is a List of FBI, DOJ Officials Who Signed Off on Carter Page FISA Documents
  17. FBI Official Under Criminal Investigation for Altering Surveillance Document of Carter Page - Allowing Agency to Spy on Trump Campaign
  18. Dana Perino: Democrats would admit they're not making 'overwhelming' impeachment case | Fox News
  19. Dems could draft 4 articles of impeachment, GOP plans for full Senate trial, sources say | Fox News
  20. Putin says dead scientists died trying to create a weapon that 'has no equal in the world' | Daily Mail Online
  21. Nellie Ohr's Revelation Of Dossier's Ukrainian Source Connects The Dots From DNC To Mueller - The Lid
  22. Ayatollah regime claims 'victory' over protests - Whatfinger News - Videos
  23. McCarthy blasts Pelosi for playing games with USMCA - and goes into fake impeachment 11/21 - Whatfinger News - Videos
  24. Ex-NSC aide Fiona Hill clashes with GOP reps over Ukraine 'fictions' charge in testy hearing | Fox News
  25. The Goal Of Hollywood And The Entire Entertainment Industry Is To Normalize Satanism And That Mission Is Now Nearly Complete . Now The End Begins
  26. Trump shift on Israeli settlements fulfills wish list of evangelical base | The Jim Bakker Show
  27. Pot stocks soar as U.S. House committee clears bill on federal weed legalization | The Jim Bakker Show
  28. U.S. House passes Hong Kong rights bills, Trump expected to sign | The Jim Bakker Show
  29. REVEALED: Adam Schiff Connected to Both Companies Named in $7.4 Billion Burisma-US-Ukraine Corruption Case
  30. Is 'dopamine fasting' Silicon Valley's new productivity fad? - BBC Worklife
  31. Graham Turns Tables on Dems, Moves To Uncover Transcripts of Biden-Ukraine Pres. Phone Calls
  32. Women's March Calls For Voting, Witchcraft To “Fight the Patriarchy” At The Polls ⋆ Activist Mommy
  33. AG Barr attacks the 'dangerous' anti-Trump 'Resistance'
  34. Space travel barrier removed as docs freeze and revive human for first time - Daily Star
  35. Schiff's impeachment dream crumbling: Rep. Stefanik | Fox News Video
  36. McCONNELL: 'I Can't Imagine a Scenario Under Which President Trump Would Be Removed' | Sean Hannity
  37. See unemployment rate in swing states for Trump 2020 election
  38. The Democrats' Impeachment Fiasco Implodes. - Whatfinger News - Videos
  39. Trish Regan: Impeachment is fizzling, voters are tuning out... desperate Dems, we're tired now - Whatfinger News - Videos
  40. China used academic recruitment programs to steal U.S. research: Senate report - Washington Times
  41. Trump Says Discussed "Negative Rates" In Unscheduled Monday Meeting With Chair Powell | Zero Hedge
  42. Democrats' smear campaign against Trump sparked White House involvement in Ukraine, Devin Nunes says | Fox News
  43. Ratcliffe on IG report: Doesn't take 500 pages to say everything was done right | Fox News
  44. Appeals Court Overturns Ban on Prayer before Florida High School Football Games
  45. Tensions boil over at impeachment hearing, as Nunes accuses Schiff of 'gagging' lawmakers | Fox News
  46. 'Unusual restrictions' spook witnesses in DOJ inspector general investigation into alleged FISA abuses
  47. Freedom From Delusion: Q via PrayingMedic: The 16 Year Plan to Destroy America
  48. Obama and Hillary's 16 year Plan To Destroy America!!! - Conservative Daily News
  49. Deagel Is Proof The Globalists Wanted America To Be A 3rd World Nation By 2025! - The Daily Coin
  50. Americas Gathering Storm Is How Dictatorships Begin With This Impeachment Coup In Progress