Author Topic: Creating Empty Shells/Vessels For Their Demon Friends  (Read 306 times)

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Creating Empty Shells/Vessels For Their Demon Friends
« on: April 10, 2019, 10:04:09 PM »
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White Mom Birthed 3 Black Babies To Make A Divinely “Different” Family


    of, from, or like God or a god.

Aaron and Rachel Halbert are used to getting looks. Through a process called embryo adoption, this white mom birthed 3 black babies. It makes for a family that looks different from other families. Those differences often cause people to stare. But those differences are precisely what makes the Halbert family so wonderfully special!



They are bringing empty shells into the world so their demon buddies can occupy them. I am telling you all they have the ability to take over vessels, not just empty ones, ones that belong to God as well, if they can corrupt it enough or get it high enough on drugs. Why do you think you see the push for marijuana and the tolerance of drug use in all the cities? They want corrupt vessels available for their dead, demon friends to come into and live again. One said to me in Tennessee, she said, "it took me a LONG time to get here".

These thing are nasty and I will reveal my dream now.

When I unmasked satan (seemed like satan to me) he had a Cobra Commander like mask on. I walked right up to him in front of all his people and pulled his mask off. He ran like a little girl and all at the table just sat there looking at each other. He was black with hazel eyes (light skin but not 100% light) and he was 100% homosexual. The day after the dream or a day or two, I went out for a glass of wine, and the one I unmasked stood at the doorway smoking a cigarette. He was right there. Also, he was the one in Lafayette LA that was poisoning me and running the "Christian" homeless shelter as a known homosexual. I think they took it over by force. I was showering and he brought a ladder into the bathroom and got on it to try to look at me in the shower, says he was changing a light bulb. He wanted to see me naked. Truly disgusting these things are and they have no respect for our rights or for this planet. Was designed for Gods children and not them. Why do you think these little bastards throw trash and plastic all over the earth and in the oceans? Why do you think they make "toxic waste"? So they can destroy your planet people! Wake up, they want to destroy Earth and we need to gather together so we can wait on our Savior to arrive.

Now he has sent his demons to come near me because I told you all, 2 more just arrived. I can feel them attacking me in spirit. Perhaps I should fight back.

No matter what skin color someone is, you never really know what they are or what they were. They will take any vessel they can get, even disgusting ones, which there are a lot of TRULY disgusting vessels walking around. I do not even think they know what they used to be anymore.

Is this why we see and witnessed so many "white" people behave and act as a black? Not in a racist manor of explaining, just an observation as it could be a demon that was once black got a white mans vessel. Makes sense to me. Thinking, so we do see blacks that act "white" as well, so the theory is rather sound.

I would say, if you look at it and it does not act as it looks, it is a demon for sure. 100%

Also pay attention to the music, you will see the opposite as in a little white girl listening to gangster rap, filled with profanity and foul statements and threats of violence. They LOVE evil music! That is no little white girl. Perhaps satan himself in her foul vessel and no one can tell, not even the minions as they may not be authorized to know at this level. As Jesus could see that Judas was the devil, I believe these things are the devil and some are ACTUALLY satan himself! Satan himself or one of his children. I believe satan has 666 vessels (multiplicity) he can operate, if he has not lost many of them by now. Perhaps he is down to one or two. Who knows? Not really important as I can see that they know that it is nearly time for them to pay the piper.

They are making money by selling their murder victims cars to dealers here. They have loads of extra license plates they can just slap on the car and no one knows the difference. All the cops are dirty here and they know and approve of it all. They will not try to stop it, they want the CASH. They will sell their victims car, could be a 10,000 dollar car, sold for just a few hundred dollars. They are running out of money because the ones at the top, their evil brothers and sisters wont share with them. It is not in their nature. They do give each other gifts, but this is freedom and not prison most of the time as they must keep up appearances.

I doubt that I will be posting to this forum much more or even at all anymore after this.

At this point what can I do for people who will not listen? Seems to me that the people no longer care and want a country full of crime and drugs, gangs and violence, death and destruction, robbery and murder. It is time for me to leave your foul nation. Maybe I can come back once it is purged of all the evil and demons that possess it currently.

If anyone is still a REAL HUMAN out there. I love you very much.

There is no confrontation
. The devil had to be something I suppose, what does it matter? He hates us all, even if he says he loves you, it means he hates you. Who says a child of satan cannot find Jesus and repent? How do I know all the rules in this matter? I would think that satan is capable of having children of all shapes, colors and sizes just as God. I would think satan planned this, to keep the blacks, whites and everything else divided. He knew if he was one color or the other it would cause confusion. THERE IS NO SKIN COLOR, IT IS A LIE. THERE IS DARKNESS AND LIGHT. Gods army and satans army.

Don't you dare point your finger at me for unmasking the one who seeks to destroy your flesh.

Do not fall for the evil ones deception!


Please stop thinking in terms of flesh. The evil one has so many of us locked in this divided confusion and he knew this would cause chaos. We are all brothers and sisters, well we are all supposed to be. Meaning for example, if you stole form a man, you stole from your OWN BROTHER! If you raped a woman, you raped your OWN SISTER!

Starting to make sense now? See the devil for what he is, a liar, a trickster, a con artist, and the one who set us all up and killed so many of our brothers and sisters.

I WILL NEVER BE A RACIST PERSON. I know that the God I serve does not show partiality.

New International Version
Romans 2:11
For God does not show favoritism.

You all better get off this skin color thing, fast!
  • Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn.


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