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Title: Will Blame Be Placed On Actors/Musicians/Idols For The Coming Plagues?
Post by: Paul on March 31, 2019, 03:26:36 PM
Well, the answer is yes they should be blamed, absolutely.

Issue is that they have been WORKING VERY HARD TO GET YOU TO BE LIKE THEM and to GET YOU TO blame Jesus.

You would have to be the spawn of satan if you still listen to them at this point and want to blame Jesus.

You all did this to yourselves.

Missy Elliot says she will spit in your mouth and give you a taste and what did she get for it, a Grammy probably and all you donkeys worshiping her.

Jim Carey talked out of his ass in movies, moved his ass and talked out of it. How many did he get to do the same thing? I rebuke these things. I ask humbly that you leave our nation if you oppose Jesus.

Pay attention. This postings Timestamp. Matthew 10:26-36