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Title: Pray for the Chinese people.
Post by: Paul on April 20, 2018, 01:58:46 AM
Christians in China are being forced to adhere to revised regulations on religion that were implemented in February which has led to strict government controls on their everyday lives, and have been warned about a "red line" they must not cross.

The Religious Affairs Bureau of Huiji district have been ordering all youth to leave church mass, with local officials blocking children from entering houses of worship in both Henan's Shangqiu and Anyang dioceses.

In China now "It is an offence for any organizations or individuals to guide, support, permit and condone minors to believe in religions or participate in religious activities,"

Chinese believers have said that they are pleading for prayers regarding the new rules and the ongoing church crosses demolition campaign, which have targeted both officially sanctioned churches and underground congregations.